Review: Suicide Squad #30

Suicide Squad #30 starts off with Karin Grace in space lamenting the loss of her great love, Rick Flag, with Argent as her only companion. With the Red Wave released and Harley Quinn acting as the last line of defense, this start of this issue seems to set us up for an end game story highlighting bad  ass ladies on a mission to save the world. Boomerang, Croc and Katana show up to fight off this arcs big baddie and since Katana is the only one lacking a brain bomb, she is also in charge of saving her team and the world.

The colors in this issue are newfuturistic at its best, the lines are clean and the art plays like some of the prettiest story boards you’ll ever see. There is a sense of darkness, eminent doom and realism in the character portrayals that add an extra layer of understanding  and go well with the story being told. The writing is top notch, the story is believable, highlights humanity and friendship and taps into real emotions and fears.

The writers make the “villains” into proper heroes by making their reasoning and motivations relatable. The female characters, even when guided by traditionally “female” motivations, like love and care taking ( of their team and the earth as a whole) , come off as bad ass and, the usual “female” guidelines are made to be seen as strengths instead of weaknesses. There are a lot of false starts and panels where our heroes come close to the goal only to meet setbacks but, the way the writers handle it ramps up the tension and emotional investment, needed to take a reader to the next level.

Rob Williams is a genius at making the unlovable , lovable and highlighting the brilliance and dichotomy needed to make an anti-hero a full blown hero. When combined with Phillips Briones stellar artwork, Suicide Squad #30 is a tour de force powerhouse that brings this story arc up a notch and makes it one of the best issues in the latest incarnation of the Suicide Squad story so far.

Story: Rob Williams Art: Phillips Briones, Wilfredo Torres, Adriano Lucas
Story: 9.3 Art: 9.1 Overall: 9.2 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review