Review: Daredevil #595

New York City has fallen to Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin – Daredevil’s greatest and deadliest adversary. Matt Murdock has the law and he has his superhuman abilities – but Fisk has an entire city on his side. What can one man do? If he’s Daredevil, he can FIGHT.

An egotistical maniac who everyone knows is a criminal but can’t quite prove it has been elected. Sound familiar? Writer Charles Soule gives us a riff on the real world as Wilson Fisk takes control as the Mayor of New York which kicks off as part of Marvel Legacy in Daredevil #595.

The idea of a “stunt” Mayor isn’t anything new when it comes to Marvel comics and the publisher has a long history of its characters taking the position but this for some reason feels a little different.

This issue is a slow burn as it first explores the shock as to the event, the reason why, the ramifications for Matt, and then a confrontation. The reasons for his election feel very similar to an orange hued politician and the issue gives us at least a decent explanation as to the “why.” Soule doesn’t pull punches and covers a lot of different opinions representing the myriad reasons for why individuals are elected.

Where Soule takes it from there is interesting with Fisk cracking down on superheroes and what position that puts Murdock in. As usual Soule with his law background keeps things interesting and has a little fun with a lawyer found in that position.

The art by Stefano Landini is just ok for me. It’s decent but something doesn’t quite pop. There’s been so many great artists on Daredevil, Landini falls in the ok territory. It’s not bad at all but it’s just a lot of amazing to compare to. And part of this is to Rod Reis who provides the art to the backup story featuring writing from Robbie Thompson. Reis’ art blows Landini’s art away in both style and use of the page. To me this is a case where the backup art overshadows the main story’s. Thompson gives us the fundamentals of Matt’s background.

The issue is good and has a lot of interesting concepts and for me this feels like a superhero comic that’ll be cerebral going forward with not as much action but getting into the roots of superheroes being outlaws in some ways and the public turning against them. This is a different type of superhero comic away from big battles, the action, is a little different and very welcome.

Story: Charles Soule, Robbie Thompson Art: Stefano Landini, Rod Reis
Cover Art: Bill Sienkiewicz

Story: 7.5 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.45 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review