Medisin: In The Grip of Malady is Suicide Squad meets E.R.

Written by Jeff Dyer and Mark McKeon with art by David Brame and colors by Joaquin Pereyra, Medisin is an explosive prescription of Suicide Squad and E.R., a medical drama in the face of super villainy. Broken doctors gripped by their own moral and ethical dilemmas struggle to uphold their oath to “first do no harm” while tending to the worst villains in the world. Are they doing good, or promoting evil?

In The Grip of Malady, the second collection for the series, is a tightly written finale that wraps up the first six issue storyline. Its mix of superhero and medical mythologies provide a detailed world of intriguing characters… who may not all survive the first storyline!

The second volume of Medisin will be available in a comic book store near you on December 6, 2017. Preorder the book using Diamond item code OCT171067.