Ménage À 3 To Be Collected in Print by Udon Entertainment

The popular web-comic Ménage À 3 has been entertaining and titillating online readers for nearly ten years. Now, the Joe Shuster Award-nominated series will be collected in print form by UDON Entertainment starting with Ménage À 3 Volume 1 in February.

Produced by artist Gisèle Lagacé and co-writer David Lumsdon, Ménage À 3 follows the lives of a 29-year-old-virgin comic book geek and his two way-hotter-than-he-is roommates. Gary, Didi, and Zii’s tight-as-a-sandwich Montreal apartment is the cramped stage for sexy hi-jinks, awkward moments, and pretty much everybody trying to bonk, shag, or nuzzle with everyone else!

Series creator Gisèle Lagacé has lent her sequential art talents to the likes of Archie ComicsBetty Boop, and Jem and the Holograms. She’s also a sought-after cover artist whose work has graced titles including GwenpoolVampirellaStreet Fighter, and more. Gisèle has been in the web-comics game since 2000, and has grown Ménage À 3 into Pixie Trix Comix – a web-comic network that includes multiple ongoing series set in the MA3 universe and beyond.

Ménage À 3 Volume 1 collects the first two years of the web-comic – that’s over 300 installments. Also included are print-exclusive bonus stories, plus special guest artist strips. The book arrives in stores everywhere February 2018.