Rising From The Ashes! Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey

This January, fan-favorite mutant Jean Grey returns to the X-Men and the Marvel Universe…and she’s not alone. Do Jean and Phoenix bring the world life? Or is the destruction of the universe imminent? The mystery unfolds in this five-part epic from blockbuster writer Matthew Rosenberg, featuring five different superstar artists, including startling 3D motion covers with art by Leinil Francis Yu!

And what about young Jean Grey, currently time displaced in the Marvel Universe and battling her own Phoenix visions? It all culminates in Jean Grey #11, the critical Phoenix Resurrection tie-in which will see young Jean fighting her biggest psych war yet – against the Phoenix!

Rosenberg is joined by Yu on art as well as Carlos Pacheco, Joe Bennett, Ramon Rosanas, Khoi Pham, and Jean Grey #11 is written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Victor Ibanez and Alberto Alburquerque with a cover by David Yardin.