TV Review: Lucifer S3E1 They’re Back, Aren’t They?

After waking up in the desert with his wings, Lucifer and Chloe try to figure out what happened to him; newcomer Lieutenant Marcus Pierce makes a poor impression due to his stern demeanor; Lucifer finds himself in another compromising situation.

Lucifer kicks off its third season picking up where the second left off. We left Lucifer in the desert with his wings returned. Who did it? Why did they do it? Why are his wings back? These look to be the big mystery of the season if the first episode is any indication.

The episode is the usual “who did it” when another body is discovered in the desert where Lucifer was dumped.

From there things weave around numerous plot threads like Lucifer having his wings back, his brother losing his, their mother taking off, and so much more. This is an episode whose goal is to set up what’s to come and it does that in a pretty solid way. There’s a couple of bumps here and there but as usual the episode flows well and keeps things entertaining. New elements like Lieutenant Marcus Pierce help expand the show and shift things a bit from its usual formula, though that’s stuck to pretty closely even with new elements.

As always, Tom Ellis steals the show with is portrayal of Lucifer and his delivery is what makes the show a must watch. When it comes to a cast and how well they work together, this is one of the best on television today.

This episode is a good one and does a solid job of setting things off for the season and makes it clear as to what we should expect. Lucifer keeps things interesting and always is able to give us something new while also sticking to what it does best.

Overall Rating: 7.95