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TV Review: The Gifted S1E2 rX

Blink goes into shock after exerting her powers beyond her limits; Caitlin and Exlipse must find a sepcial serum that will help Blink recover; Reed faces some difficult choices about his family; Polaris runs into some trouble.

The Gifted gives us an interesting episode that feels like it’s three or four different parts most of which is pretty good. After the first episode I was a bit let down by what was set up, but this second episode seems to have brought things better together and actually given us something new and interesting when it comes to mutants and the live action X universe.

The bad of the episode continues to be Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker whose acting is just horrid. It’s better than the first episode, but that’s not saying much. Thankfully, we don’t get a lot of him, but his scenes at least are interesting to give more of a ominous police state aspect of the show. I’m fully expecting a torture scene as he’s renditioned in the future.

Speaking of police state, Lorna Dane’s scenes are interesting as she’s introduced into the prison population. It’s basically “Mutant is the New Black.” We also get the classic green hair, so maybe “Green is the New Black?” But, these scenes are key in that they give us more of an insight into how mutants are treated. It’s some intriguing things.

But, the thing I thought was the best was the focus on Blink and her powers going out of control after the last episode. It’s a cool scene and where that goes is impressive in that it’s something new. Where it goes is really cool in that the portals put them in a threatening situation and things escalate which creates tension for each time a portal opened. There’s also some fantastic visuals to it all.

The episode is much better than the first and did so while balancing so many different story threads. The visuals were top notch and the plots kept me engaged. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the second episode and it shows a lot of improvement.

Overall Rating: 7.65