Review: Catalyst Prime: Superb #3

Cosmosis has barely managed to escape alive from the Foresight Corporation compound where super-powered teenagers are being held captive. His best friend, Kayla Tate, will reveal secrets of her own to keep him alive. Can Kayla and Cosmosis stay one step ahead of Foresight, and how will the secret engineer named Abby help the two newest heroes of Youngstown, Ohio?

Things are pretty tense with Catalyst Prime: Superb #3 as the search for Cosmosis is on and the Foresight Corporation continues to try to figure out how they haven’t detected him up to this point.

Writers David Walker and Sheena C. Howard give us a fascinating story that really gets things going as Kayla and Jonah introduce us to a new character Abby who’s a bit of a tinkerer and been helping Jonah. It creates a triangle of friendship and a bunch of tension that you’d find with teenagers. And that’s what Walker and Howard pull off really well, this feels like kids going up against an evil corporation. They don’t try to use lingo or references to tell us these are kids, instead their actions and behaviors deliver that all on their own.

The art by Alitha Martinez and Ray-Anthony Height is really good bouncing around the various locations and giving us a world that feels lived in. There’s lots of small details thrown about that creates homes and offices, it just feels real in a way. The character designs, especially during some of the more “emotional” moments stick out and definitely enhance what Walker and Howard have written. The colors too, by Veronica Gandini and Sotocolor, jump off the page giving it all a slight youthful energy about it. The coloring also helps create the diverse world giving us shades of characters.

The third issue feels like the point where things really get going adding another piece of the puzzle and getting me even more excited for the Catalyst Prime universe.

Story: David Walker, Sheena C. Howard Art: Alitha Martinez, Ray-Anthony Height
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

Lion Forge Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review