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Preview: The Shadow Vol. 3 #2

The Shadow Vol. 3 #2

writers: Si Spurrier, Dan Watters
artist: Daniel HDR
covers: Tyler Kirkham (A), Michael Kaluta (B), Tommy Lee Edwards (C)
Michael Kaluta (RI-Virgin), Tommy Lee Edwards (RI-B/W), Tyler Kirkham (RI-B/W), Michael Kaluta (RI-B/W)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen +

The circumstances that led Mary’s mysterious burn patient to her hospital are becoming clearer – but is this horribly hurt man really the Shadow? And what is his connection with the millionaire Worthy Delaney, an advisor to the newly elected President Wyatt? Meanwhile, Mary and her sister Luisa begin an investigation of their own into a Shadow fan-site – because if the information there lets people make the connection with her patient, the Shadow is in grave danger!

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