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Tyler Kirkham Announced as the Commemorative Artist for FCBD 2022

Diamond Comic Distributors has revealed the commemorative artwork for Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2022. Prolific artist Tyler Kirkham has created a one-of-a-kind design emphasizing the imagination, creativity, and friendship that come from exploring the pages of a comic book. The design will serve as the commemorative t-shirt and poster for FCBD 2022.

Like many comic book creators, Tyler Kirkham began as a fan. Reading Image Comics as a teenager in the 90s, Kirkham honed his craft as an artist, making small sales to local newspapers in Utah, showing off his portfolio, and eventually landing his first professional comics work on The Gift. Kirkham’s talent gained the attention of Marc Silvestri and Top Cow Studios, where he worked on StrykeforceWitchblade, and Tomb Raider. Kirkham moved on to projects like Ultimate Fantastic FourX-Men: Phoenix WarsongNew Avengers/TransformersGreen Lantern Corps, Deathstroke, as well as video game concept artwork and covers. Kirkham brings dynamic energy and a fan’s passion to his artwork, and both qualities come through with his commemorative art piece for Free Comic Book Day 2022.

The FCBD 2022 Commemorative T-shirt will be available in adult sizes small through XXXL (MSRP: $14.99-$17.99) in navy and white, and in youth sizes small through large (MSRP: $11.99) in navy and white. The Commemorative Poster will be 22” x 28” on a white background (MSRP: $11.99). The shirt and poster, along with a complete listing of all the FCBD 2022 comic book titles and exclusive collectibles, can be found in the February issue of the PREVIEWS catalog, available in comic shops on January 26, 2022. 

FCBD 2022 Commemorative T-shirt

Preview: X-O Manowar #9


Cover A by RAHZZAH
On sale DECEMBER 15th | 32 pages, full color | $3.99 US | T+

A city overrun by an unstoppable threat. A clash between titans. And a diabolical plan revealed.

The epic conclusion of Dennis Hopeless and Emilio Laiso’s X-O MANOWAR run cannot be missed!


The Year of Valiant Begins in 2022 with a Year Long Celebration

The Valiant Universe is about to expand.

The Year of Valiant will be a year-long celebration of Valiant throughout 2022, consisting of new launches with new creators, the return of fan-favorite characters, the formation of new teams, and the Valiant characters exploring beyond traditional publishing methods. To celebrate the announcement, Valiant Entertainment is incredibly proud to showcase its universe with exciting new artwork from acclaimed creators Tyler Kirkham and Arif Prianto.

The Year of Valiant Teaser

The Year of Valiant kicks off with the return of the critically-acclaimed series Shadowman in January. The first chapter of ‘Deadside War’, an epic horror storyline that will see the return of Punk Mambo and other familiar faces from the Valiant Universe, will begin in Shadowman #5 on January 19th from the master of horror Cullen Bunn, rising star artist Pedro Andreo, and Eisner-nominated creators Jordie Bellaire and Clayton Cowles.

Shadowman #5

More announcements about new launches from The Year of Valiant will arrive in the coming months!

Radiant Black #7 Sells Out as it Kicks Off a New Arc

Radiant Black #7 by Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa has sold out completely at the distributor level. This issue marks the beginning of a new story arc in the bestselling series and will be fast-tracked for a reprint by Image in order to keep up with the high rate of reorder activity.

Picking up after the previous story arc’s jaw dropping cliffhanger, Radiant Black #7 follows Radiant Black as his life just got a whole lot more complicated. Pursued by a new enemy and not sure who to trust, will our hero escape with his life? Or is this the beginning of the end for Radiant Black?

Available at comic book shops on Wednesday, September 22:

  • Radiant Black #7, second printing – Diamond Code JUL218737
  • Radiant Black #8 Cover A by Felipe Watanabe – Diamond Code JUL210256
  • Radiant Black #8 Cover B by Jose Carlos – Diamond Code JUL210257
  • Radiant Black #8 Cover C 1:25 by Tyler Kirkham – Diamond Code JUL210258
Radiant Black #7, second printing

Need to Deal with Zombie Villains? Unleash Task Force Z!

This October, Task Force Z is unleashed written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Eddy Barrows and inks by Eber Ferreira.

On A-Day, hundreds of Gotham City’s most dangerous and deranged criminals were left dead after an attack on Arkham Asylum and now, they’re getting a second chance at life. A mysterious benefactor is bringing together a new Task Force and has recruited the only person who could lead them, someone who knows what it’s like to come back from a brutal death: Red Hood. Now Jason Todd has to unravel the mystery surrounding this team of the recently deceased while leading a line-up of some of Gotham City’s worst criminals who’ve ever lived: Bane. Man-Bat. The Arkham Knight. Sundowner. Mr. Bloom.

Coming October 26, 2021, Task Force Z #1 also features a variant by Tyler Kirkham, 1:25 variant by Dan Mora, retailer team variant by Rodolfo Migliari, 1:50 Arkham Knight variant by Kyle Hotz, and 1:100 Mono-chrome variant by Hotz.

  • Task Force Z #1

Preview: Shadowman #3


Written by CULLEN BUNN
Cover C (Horror Movie Homage Variant) by ERICA HENDERSON
Preorder Cover by ROBBI RODRIGUEZ
On sale JUNE 23rd | 32 pages, full color | $3.99 US | T+

Masters of terror Cullen Bunn and Jon Davis-Hunt continue their terrifying tour of SHADOWMAN’s world by bringing the supernatural defender to Barcelona where he’ll encounter a sinister undertaker…


Ninjak Takes the Spotlight in the Valiant 2021 FCBD Special

 Valiant’s stealthy superspy steps into the spotlight this August 14th for Free Comic Book Day 2021…

Featuring new cover art by Tyler Kirkham and Arif Prianto, the VALIANT 2021 FCBD SPECIAL puts NINJAK front and center. In addition to the new cover art, the free issue also contains a five-page preview which offers a spoiler-free look ahead at Ringo Award-winning writer Jeff Parker and acclaimed storyteller Javier Pulido’s NINJAK series. Check out the pages below.

Before the VALIANT 2021 FCBD SPECIAL arrives on August 14th in comic shops, NINJAK #1 will go on sale July 14th. The last day for fans to pre-order the debut issue is this Monday, June 21st.


Review: Dark Nights: Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme!

Dark Nights: Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme!

Dark Nights: Death Metal has been a mixed bag of an event. Often, the one-shot tie-ins have been better than the main series. They’ve also been vital to the main story. The one-shots have filled in gaps fleshing out key moments not taking place in the main series but referenced there. Dark Nights: Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme! is Lobo’s mission in the event. Hired by Lex Luthor, Lobo is tasked with obtaining Death Metal which can remake the universe. Made up of a trio of stories, Dark Nights: Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme! is a flimsy one-shot. In the end, it’s a comic that’s neither exciting, interesting, or funny.

Frank Tieri kicks off the first story “Part I: The Batman Who Frags“. In a drawn out sequence, Lobo bounces between trying to drink, capture a bounty, and also tangles with the Lobo version of Batman, The Batman Who Frags. Tieri is joined by artist Tyler Kirkham, colorist Arif Prinato, and letterer Dave Sharpe. As has hampered some of Dark Nights: Death Metal, the story feels like it’s more focused on introducing the Lobo Batman than actually getting the story going. With a distraction of a bounty to bring in, some fights and events that are a bit choppy, the kick-off never quite makes sense in its narrative. Why did The Batman Who Frags show up? How did he find Lobo? It’s a segment that kicks off a series of events rather than a flowing narrative.

The second part by Becky Cloonan, artist Rags Morales, colorist Andrew Dalhouse, and letterer Rob Leigh is titled “What the Frag is a Death Metal Anyway!?“. Blackhawk Island and Hawkman are at the center as Lobo tracks down the Death Metal. Again, the story devolves into a series of events than narrative as Lobo must tussle with Black Monday and then convince Hawkman to turn over the metal. An attack from the air by The Batman Who Frags feels out of the blue and not explained enough as much of what happens. It, just happens. Why would Hawkman trust Lobo? Why wouldn’t Hawkman use the power of the Death Metal himself? There are so many questions out there that just kills the narrative if one takes a moment to think about it at all.

Wrapping up the trio of stories is “Lobo Land!” from writer Sam Humphries, artist Denys Cowan, inks by Bill Sienkiewicz, colorist Chris Sotomayor, and letterer Dave Sharpe. With the Death Metal in hand Lobo does what he does best and gets distracted. Again, it adds little to the narrative and again opens up questions. Lex Luthor was able to snatch Lobo initially but doesn’t once he has the metal?

Instead, Brainiac is part of the story sent by a missing Luthor. It’s a series of jokes as Lobo changes realities creating different versions of himself in a series of one-page jokes. They’re not even long enough to nail down the joke with barely a setup. It also adds little to the story and feels more of an exit that’s created because there were pages to fill and unsure of a way to wrap up the issue for Dark Nights: Death Metal #5. What the team does evoke is classic Lobo stories and the kinetic, almost Mad Magazine-like rapid-fire jokes.

Dark Nights: Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme! is just an ok tie-in. Yes, it probably tells something important that won’t be covered in the main series but it also doesn’t feature enough to stand out. It feels like something that probably could have been told in a few pages stretched out to over 30. Most of it is filler with the meat of the story featuring little explanation and a resolution that takes place in a few panels. It’s about as filler as filler gets.

Story: Frank Tieri, Becky Cloonan, Sam Humphries Art: Tyler Kirkham, Rags Morales, Denys Cowan
Ink: Bill Sienkiewicz Color: Arif Prianto, Andrew Dalhouse, Chris Sotomayor Letterer: Dave Sharpe, Rob Leigh
Story: 5.0 Art: 7.5 Overall: 5.0 Recommendation: Pass

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXologyAmazonKindleZeus Comics

Preview: Dark Nights: Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme #1

Dark Nights: Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme #1

Written by: Sam Humphries, Becky Cloonan, Frank Tieri
Art by: Denys Cowan, Tyler Kirkham, Rags Morales

Pull up a chair, ya bastiches-it’s time for Uncle Lobo’s Infinite Hour! It’s your chance to let the Main Man Lobo-tomize you with familiar yet freaky stories of the DC Universe, exactly as he remembers them: with blood and guts and exxxtreme gratuitous violence! Tell yer comics guy to put you down for alllll the copies!

Dark Nights: Death Metal Infinite Hour Exxxtreme #1
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