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Preview: Bloodshot #8


Written by TIM SEELEY
Letters by DAVE SHARPE 
Preorder Variant Cover by SHAWN CRYSTAL
On sale SEPTEMBER 16th | 32 pages, full color | $3.99 US | T+

Unthinkable monsters are unleashing Hell on Earth!

Surrounded by enemies, who can Bloodshot trust?


Preview: Batman & the Outsiders #16

Batman & the Outsiders #16

(W) Bryan Hill (A) Gleb Melnikov (CA) Tyler Kirkham
In Shops: Sep 08, 2020
SRP: $3.99

It’s the last chance for the team to save the world – and to save Orphan and Signal from giving their allegiance to Lady Shiva! Plus, will Katana’s soultaker sword finally break for good? Will Black Lightning give off his last spark? And will Batman be able to destroy Ra’s al Ghul’s weapon?

Batman & the Outsiders #16

Exclusive: Tyler Kirkham Talks Covering Bloodshot

Tyler Kirkham has covered a lot of comics. The artist has provided covers for the biggest publishers drawing us to check out the excitement within.

Kirkham has brought that excitement to Valiant delivering the “A” covers for Bloodshot “Burned” which runs through issues #7-9.

We got the exclusive to ask him a few questions about his process and what might have changed with the character making his big-screen debut.

Graphic Policy: Can you talk us through your creative process when coming up with these covers?

Tyler Kirkham: I’ve been doing a lot more digital coloring recently. So, these have been a good test for me. I roughly sketch them out and start painting them. I wanted a more serious feel on these, so I went a bit darker and grittier with the textures.

GP: One of my favorite covers from the series so far is your cover for Bloodshot #7. Where did the idea for the cover come from? 

TK: Well, skeletons are fun to draw and I thought it was fitting with him being an experiment. It kinda just came to me and I was super happy that Valiant let me roll with the concept. Sometimes when I get asked to draw certain characters, I’ll have images pop in my head immediately that I think will make great covers. I just have to get them on paper and hope they turn out the way that did in my head.

GP: How does creating a cover differ from working on the interior of the comic?

TK: I don’t do too much interior work these days. My main focus has been on covers for the last few years. I am able to spend more time focusing on getting it right.  I enjoy drawing new characters. This was my first time ever drawing Bloodshot, so it was refreshing.

GP: With the film and some readers coming from that, does that factor in at all as to what direction you went with the covers?

TK: Yeah, I looked at some of the posters and screenshots from the film for inspiration. What I was really happy about was my covers were coming out at the same time as the film. I still need to watch it again!

GP: Thanks so much for chatting. And you can check out Tyler’s awesome covers below!

DC Reveals this Week’s DC Digital First Releases

DC’s Digital First continues this week with another installment of Shazam: Lightning Strikes, plus the return of Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice and a new story in Superman: Man of Tomorrow! These three, plus today’s Batman: Gotham Nights featuring a story by Tom Taylor and Daniel Sampere, give fans even more choice of characters while expanding DC’s digital publishing line with original stories.

And don’t forget to watch for the fifth chapter of Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red on Friday, July 24!

Monday July 20

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #12

Superman’s Day Off” by Robert Venditti, Scott Hepburn, Ian Herring, and Dave Sharpe

Metropolis is without the Man of Steel for a day and villains are coming out of the woodwork to take advantage. Can the city stand against the many threats? And where is Supeman?!

Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #12

Tuesday July 21

Batman: Gotham Nights #14


Bad News” by Tom Taylor, Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran, Adriano Lucas, and Tom Napolitano.

Deathstroke is hired to take out the only witness to a corrupt politician’s mob ties, but his newest mark has some friends in high places…

Monster” by Frank Tieri, Tyler Kirkham, Arif Prianto, and Tom Napolitano

A surprise during a bank robbery brings back old memories for Killer Croc. But he’s not that bullied, defeated kid from the freakshow anymore…he’s something much worse.

Batman: Gotham Nights #14

Wednesday July 22

Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice #2


Disguises” by Robert Venditti, Isaac Goodhart, Chris Sotomayor, and Travis Lanham

Harley reluctantly agrees to meet with an old roommate from med school and finds herself considering the paths not taken. Turns out, she wasn’t missing much.

The Killing” by John Layman, Cully Hamner, Dave McCaig, and Justin Birch

Huntress is on the trail of a mobster on the lam, but her mission turns into a race when another bounty hunter joins the fray. And it’s no ordinary gun for hire—it’s none other than Deathstroke!

Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice #2

Friday July 24

Shazam: Lightning Strikes #2


On the Job!” by Louise Simonson, Bret Blevins, Chris Sotomayor, and Marshall Dillon

Pedro takes his new crossing guard responsibilities very seriously. But when disaster strikes, can he keep his Shazam Family identity a secret and keep his classmates safe?

Destroying Eugene Choi” by Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, David Baron, and Marshall Dillon

A mysterious glowing artifact proves to be the perfect power source for Eugene’s robotics project—until it grants his robot a life of its own! Now Eugene must dismantle the rogue battlebots before they destroy Fawcett High…and to do it, he’ll need the helpof his greatest rival!

Shazam: Lightning Strikes #2

Preview: Batman and the Outsiders #13

Batman and the Outsiders #13

(W) Bryan Hill (A) Gleb Melnikov (CA) Tyler Kirkham
In Shops: Jun 17, 2020
SRP: $3.99

Ra’s al Ghul has had everything taken away from him. His League of Assassins, his power…even his family. All he has left is his mission to bend the world to his will and save it from itself. He’s more dangerous than ever, and it’ll take the combined full might of the Outsiders team to take him down! Featuring art by Gleb Melnikov (Angel).

Batman and the Outsiders #13

Preview: Aquaman #59

Aquaman #59

(W) Kelly Sue DeConnick (A) Robson Rocha (CA) Tyler Kirkham
In Shops: May 27, 2020
SRP: $3.99

Underwater fishticuffs! It’s a battle royal as Orm’s army, a bloodthirsty elemental,and Arthur go fin-to-fin-to-fin over the future of Atlantis’s heir apparent. Alarm bells are ringing, and Mera better wake up soon, lest the kingdom come undone!

Aquaman #59

Michael Turner Creations Debuts on Kickstarter

Aspen Comics has launched a Kickstarter campaign focused on their founder and superstar artist, the late Michael Turner. Michael Turner Creations is Aspen’s most ambitious publication to date.

Michael Turner Creations is a prestige format oversized hardcover with slipcase collecting all of Michael Turner’s iconic Aspen Comics work, highlighted by his flagship creations Fathom and Soulfire, as well as his work on the EkosPreview. This 600-plus page hardcover will include the entirety of Fathom and Soulfire volume one, the best-selling volumes of each respective series. In addition to the aforementioned material, the publisher is including a foreword by Michael Turner’s mother, Grace Crick, along with the founder of Marvel Studios’ David Maisel, the chief architect of the Turner-verse, the planned feature film slate by Mythos Studios based upon Turner’s work.

Aspen has brought on some of their best-selling cover artists such as Siya Oum, Alex Konat, Jordan Gunderson, Talent Caldwell, and Tyler Kirkham, in addition to high-profile artists such as David Mack and Kendrick Lim for their first-ever Aspen covers, a variety of Michael Turner Creations dust jackets available exclusively in the Kickstarter campaign. Plus, the publisher will be offering a special signed dust jacket by legendary artist Alex Ross.

For the first time in Aspen’s history, the publisher is opening up their vaulted Michael Turner original art collection from his personal sketchbook and offering a selection of original layouts, sketches and fully illustrated pieces drawn by Turner across multiple reward tiers. This selection of original art and sketches dates back to Turner’s classic Witchblade run and into his Fathom and Soulfire work, then into his later years on the iconic Marvel and DC Comics titles such as Civil War and Identity Crisis. Aspen strongly encourages interested Michael Turner Original Art buyers to finalize and select the reward tier of their choice as early as possible before they sell out.

The publisher is also debuting several new Aspen Comics merchandise including featured items such as a “Grace” from Soulfire plush doll, new Aspen Comics Fathom and Soulfire acrylic figures, Kickstarter exclusive comics, and several new Michael Turner related items and products for purchase as add-ons.

Preview: Batman and the Outsiders #11

Batman and the Outsiders #11

(W) Bryan Hill (A) Dexter Soy (CA) Tyler Kirkham
In Shops: Mar 11, 2020
SRP: $3.99

Black Lightning is an Outsider no more! It’s up to Katana to take up the reigns of leader-ship as things look their darkest for the team-and the new addition of Babylon has thrown the team into flux. Plus, Batman is far from thrilled with the secrets that the Signal and Orphan are keeping from him. And this is exactly what Ra’s al Ghul wants: a broken team that doesn’t stand a chance against his new League and their deadliest assassin yet.

Batman and the Outsiders #11

Preview: Bloodshot #7


Written by TIM SEELEY
Letters by DAVE SHARPE
Cover B by KAEL NGU
Preorder Cover by JUAN DOE
On sale MARCH 11 | 32 pages, full color | $3.99 US | T+

Before you see Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot on the big screen… leap into the thrilling comics with “BURNED” PART ONE!

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