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Gen Con 2017: Cory Jones talks QST the new Tabletop Gaming Subscription

Gaming industry veteran Cory Jones has announced the creation of tabletop gaming subscription service QST and the launch of the QST Kickstarter campaign. Pronounced “Quest,” the service offers a brand-new, small form factor tabletop game directly to subscribers every other month. Each game is a collaboration between three creative visionaries from different fields who work together to deliver the different elements of the game: concept, design, and art.

We got a chance to talk to Jones at Gen Con 50 about this new venture and bringing together so many different creators to such a product.

Why does this matter for a comic site? Numerous comic creators have been announced as part of the first wave of creators involved and it’s an amazing list. If you’re into comics and games, this is a must.

(via Board Game Today)

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