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Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larocca Unleash a New Story in Star Wars #38!

Fans were blown away by their work in Darth Vader, and we fell in love with a rogue archaeologist in Doctor Aphra. Marvel has announced that writer Kieron Gillen will continue to bring his exciting storytelling to a galaxy far, far away along with artist Salvador Larocca when Gillen takes over as the writer for Marvel’s ongoing Star Wars title this fall.

Following the events of The Screaming Citadel, Luke and Leia have faced their own set of challenges, crash-landing on a remote island after being pursued by the Empire. Now, Team Skywalker is gearing up to fight again – in the name of the Rebellion!

It’s a new day for the Star Wars universe, when Gillen and Larocca team up to take the reins on Star Wars #38!

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