Review: Weapon X #5

516408__SX1280_QL80_TTD_The mysterious new director of the reformed Weapon X program has assessed the data from their latest adamantium cyborg attack and the results look good… They are ready for the next stage of their plan to eradicate all of mutantkind!  Warpath and Domino follow leads into a remote part of the Midwest… but what vicious secrets will they find hidden in a sleepy gated community?

I guess it was inevitable; in every series or crossover there is going to be that one issue that brings things to a screeching halt. For me, this was that issue in this Weapons of Mutant Destruction crossover. Greg Pak doesn’t really give us anything new or exciting with this issue. We have Logan and Sabretooth chasing one lead, Warpath and Domino chasing another and Amadeus Cho linked in with all of them on comms, with Deathstrike just watching him at his side. The team does find out who it is there dealing with, but that reveal just comes across as ‘eh, ok’ with no real reaction. To be honest, the only character I was interested in was one of the scientists working for Weapon X. She had a lot more going on then our mutant heroes, and whether or not Pak meant for that, I would have liked to see more from the key players.

And I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Greg Land’s art on this book. I know people either like or hate his work, but I fall in the middle. I don’t mind his art, but I get tired of him using the same scenes or poses over and over again. But I did like his work in this book and his vision of these characters (and I was very happy there weren’t 10 panels of Domino with her tongue sticking out). But Marc Borstel has taken over art duties, and though I didn’t dislike the art, it just really made an impact on me, after being used to Land. Overall it wasn’t bad, but there are some panels with weird facial expressions and a lot of wide eyed people.

Overall, I was a little disappointed with this issue. Not big on action, and it didn’t do much to push the story forward. The focus seemed to be on a background character and though I did like that little journey, I wanted more of the key players and more story to be fleshed out. We all know that Weapon X is working on an adamantium reinforced Hulk to take on and eradicate mutants, and maybe I’m just impatient, but I really just want that to happen and see our band of clawed and bladed heroes take on the new threat.

Story: Greg Pak  Art: Marc Borstel
Story: 5.0 Art: 5.0 Overall: 5.0 Recommendation: Read (if you’re following the crossover)

Marvel Comic provided Graphic Policy with a FREE issue for review

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