BOOM! Studios has announced Eugenic, a dark vision of humanity’s future from the award-nominated team of critically acclaimed writer James Tynion IV and artist Eryk Donovan. The limited series is the third installment in the duo’s Apocalyptic Trilogy, following 2014’s Memetic and 2015’s Cognetic. Like those series, Eugenic will feature three, oversized, 48-page issues and debut in October.

When a plague ravages the world, one scientist discovers the cure and becomes the savior of mankind. Hope is restored, and the world rebuilds. But then people who took the anti-virus begin having children who are… unnatural, and the definition of “normal” is forever altered.


Readers who would like to catch up on the Apocalyptic Trilogy can read the collected editions of Memetic and Cognetic, which are available in print and digital format.

Eugenic #1 features a main cover by Eryk Donovan and a subscription cover by Robbi Rodriguez.

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