BOOM! Studios Announces Tyson Hesse’s Diesel: Gear Shift Special for October

BOOM! Studios has announced the return of Dee Diesel in Tyson Hesse’s Diesel: Gear Shift Special, an all-new follow-up to the BOOM! Box imprint’s most successful original graphic novel. The one-shot will debut in comic shops in October.

Dee’s journey first began on Tyson Hesse’s personal blog, when Dee and her fellow Peacetowne inhabitants were featured as original character designs. Inspired by “adventure manga like One Piece and stories about burgeoning friendships like How to Train Your Dragon,” Hesse created Dee, a young girl with an airship trying to live up to the legacy of her father, a world-famous pilot. Since then, Dee and her friends have gained a huge cult following and were first published in print via BOOM! Studios as a limited series in 2015 and an original graphic novel in 2016, Tyler Hesse’s Diesel: Ignition, which drew wide acclaim.

Hesse explains:

Diesel: Gear Shift picks up right where Diesel: Ignition left off. It’s a chance for fans of the first graphic novel to jump right in to the next story arc right away. Dee and Bull Diesel have reconnected with their lost crew and are on their way back home to regroup and prepare for the long journey ahead.  But when they get back to Peacetowne, they uncover new clues that set them off in search of other Diesel brothers that could have answers to all their questions.

Copies of Tyson Hesse’s Diesel: Gear Shift Special are available for sale in October.