Marvel Hypes Up Marvel Legacy

All eyes (and a lot of criticism) has been focused Marvel‘s way over the past year prompting the comic publisher to do something to shake things up. Hence, Marvel Legacy, their version of DC’s successful “Rebirth” that blended old and new and resulted in some series returning to their original numbering.

Marvel has been really hyping up Marvel Legacy causing them to get some egg on their faces with an over promise that turned out to be gifs of the covers for the series we’ll be seeing.

Enter, the newest release that claims “You demanded it, we listened!”

The press release promists Marvel Legacy will offer:

  • The most spectacular character returns
  • Epic stories adding to the next chapter of the Marvel Universe by the industries’ top talent
  • Heroes fighting villains
  • Clean jumping on points for all readers clearly displayed using dynamic new trade dress
  • The return to original numbering for many series
  • The most spectacular character returns that comic fans have demanded

In Marvel Legacy #1 will provide:

  • Shocks, twists, clues, and Easter eggs
  • A blockbuster story that sets the stage for the coming years of Marvel storytelling
  • The introduction of the 1,000,000 BC AVENGERS
  • The most talked about return in comics
  • A brilliant tale by the legendary team of Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic
  • The set-up for 53 Marvel Universe series
  • Those character returns you’ve asked for, many of them get cued up here

Excited yet?

We’d like to note that while it says 53 above, only 52 series are listed below… Captain America anyone?