Review: Victor LaVelle’s Destroyer #1


When the last descendant of the Frankenstein family loses her only son to a police shooting, she turns to science for her own justice…putting her on a crash course with her family’s original monster and his quest to eliminate humanity. An intense, unflinching story exploring the legacies of love, loss, and vengeance placed firmly in the tense atmosphere and current events of the modern-day United States.

Victor LaVelle’s Destroyer #1 is a modern reimagining of Mary Shelly’s classic Frankenstein by writer Victor LaValle. While it is clear there is still a lot left to be revealed, what they do reveal is interesting setting up an already intriguing miniseries. The first issue teases us with glimpse at the classic Frankenstein’s monster, and the last living descendant of Frankenstein… who is up to something. Judging by the situation which we’re presented, she has clearly been based off Mary Shelly herself. I’m curious to see how things unfold for this series, as this is a solid set up and tease as to what’s to come.

The art by Dietrich Smith and Joana Lafuente has a proper sense of contrast to it, as the story’s viewpoint changes from Frankenstein’s quest to the US and a mysterious cabal. While it is a simple but subtle move, it helps keep the plot moving. Frankenstein’s monster makes for an interesting sight with a gaunt lanky design, which differs from classic depictions of a more built brick house. It reminds me some of Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie, except with hair and a long beard.

Story: Victor LaValle Art: Dietrich Smith Color: Joana Lafuente
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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