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TV Review: Lucifer S2E16 God Johnson

Lucifer TVWhen a grisly murder takes place at an insane asylum, the prime suspect calls himself God (guest star Timothy Omundson). After realizing that this man could actually be his father, Lucifer struggles with his feelings towards him and tries to find the truth, all while trying to discover who the real killer is.

Lucifer meets his dad? This fun episode gives us a heavenly encounter that has Lucifer trying to figure out the truth about this “God” and also how to use it to his advantage to get back at his parents. In an episode that feels like One Flew From the Cuckoo’s Nest guest star Timothy Omundson steals the show which is saying something since Tom Ellis usually is heads and above everyone is charm and fun.

But the show’s humor and entertainment doesn’t just come from them. Ongoing jokes about “What if God Was One of Us?” keeps things lively and allows the rest of the cast to shine as well. Particularly fantastic are Chloe, Maz and Amenadiel… well the less said the better but threesomes and foursomes are joked about as Chloe attempts to solve the case. That itself is kind of blah and a little over the top, but everything else is utterly fantastic and brilliant.

What’s even better is how the show resolves and though I won’t go into detail it completely works, makes sense, and isn’t a gimmick. It feels natural in the puzzle that is this season and all makes sense even when dealing with God. I mean, to make that bit of over the top work is really impressive.

As usual, the series is its normal fun and the energy from the cast feels like it bleeds off the screen making me want to come back each week to see what’s next. The show also brilliantly is able to balance a meta-story with much more focused episodes involving procedural crimes and the various characters’ personalities. Lucifer continues to entertain and put a smile on my face like the little devil it is.

Overall Rating: 8.25

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