TV Review: Lucifer S2E15 Deceptive Little Parasite

Lucifer TVLucifer must ignite the flaming sword when it’s found to be the only hope for the family returning home safely; a therapist and head of admissions at a prestigious private school turns up dead.

Lucifer delves into the relationship between Lucifer and Chloe after the last episode where it was revealed that Lucifer got “married.” That, added on top of his disappearing act, have made things a bit tense between the two of them.

Through the mystery of a murder (a decent case with some solid humor and twists and turns) the episode forces both Lucifer and Chloe to deal with their relationship and their positions. Part of that is with Chloe and her daughter and part of that is Lucifer and his father and mother. It gets things a bit back to the point of the series where Lucifer spent a lot of time on his psychiatrist’s couch. He does that here and comes to somewhat of a revelation.

There is some great humor here as Lucifer is tasked with making his sword flame up and the thought is he can do that through anger. So, Lucifer gets slapped, attacked, and more in some rather funny segments.

The episode is a good one in that it both focuses on the relationships between characters and the greater story including revealing Lucifer’s plan concerning his mother and father. It opens up a hell of a lot of questions and sets up some interesting things to come.

As always, the cast is fantastic and brings the episode together. It feels like they’re all having fun and due to that, we the viewers have fun. It’s one of the strongest aspects of the series and continues to bring me back week after week.

Overall Rating: 8.05