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Review: U.S.Avengers #5

5809521-05The time for goofy solicits is over. A.I.M. is getting serious – and Steve Rogers is here to make sure of it. But where does this leave Roberto Da Costa? Meanwhile, Sam Guthrie is a man of two worlds. Which will he choose?

I haven’t been reading the latest Captain America title, but I am well aware of what Marvel has done to the character, making him a Hydra agent and now, after recent events with the Red Skull, it would appear Steve Rogers is now running Hydra. So this title, advertised as an ‘opening salvo’ is my first real look at Hydra Steve Rogers. And if Al Ewing is writing him like the other writers are in other books, WOW I cannot believe what they have done to this character. I mean I will give Ewing credit for writing this smug, arrogant, self-righteous version of Steve; if he wanted readers to totally loathe this character, then he has done his job. The meeting between Steve and Roberto in this issue was tense and it has definitely set the tone for things to come in this book. It really drew me in and got me looking forward to see what’s going to happen next. There are some breaks in the meeting, with some smaller side stories, looking at the various members of this team, but the focus is definitely on Steve, Roberto and Hydra. Things are not going to get any easier for this team of Avengers.

And as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before in previous reviews of this title, I really enjoy Paco Diaz’ art. There’s not a lot of action in this issue, but I like his rendering of these characters and his expressions and body language on them really worked well with the story. Even just the way he had Steve sitting and lounging around really showed how much this character has changed. I’m not a huge fan of one addition to Steve’s new look that is shown towards the end of the book, but I guess it’s just hammering home what side he’s playing for now.

Overall, I really liked this issue. I absolutely hate Hydra Steve Rogers and that Marvel has taken this path with him, but the writing in this issue solidified my feelings by showing him to be an arrogant ass, so in that, it was very successful. The art, as usual, is solid and I am looking forward to seeing how this team reacts to the coming changes. Roberto has been known to be three steps ahead of his opponents, and it’s going to be interesting to see what happens when his opponent has been in front of him this whole time.

Story: Al Ewing Art: Paco Diaz
Story: 7.5 Art: 8 Overall: 7.75  Recommendation: Read

Marvel Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE issue for review

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