Review: Uncanny Avengers #22

5786953-22The Unity Squad has been playing a cat-and-mouse game with Red Skull – but it all ends here! Not everyone will finish on their feet…The final fate of Charles Xavier’s telepathic brain is revealed! Rogue does some soul searching in an unlikely place, and the craziest final splash page ever.

The chase has finally ended in Uncanny Avengers #22 and the Unity Squad has captured the Red Skull. The last few issues have been crazy fun, with the Skull using the powers of Charles Xavier to manipulate the Avengers, with the exception of Deadpool, who had done everything he could to free his teammates and took one hell of a beating from Rogue. But now Rogue and her teammates can finally have Xavier’s powers removed from Skull and put Charles Xavier to rest.

Gerry Dugan presents a very well written ending to a moment that has been long coming. You really feel the relief of the capture of Red Skull, especially through Rogue, who for so long has wanted to stop him from perverting Xavier’s dream and using his powers to wreak havoc. This feels like an ending issue, with the team finally able to take a moment and reflect back on everything and look towards their future. But if the last few pages, which had my eyes widen and ask “what the !*#%?” are any indication, this team is not planning on calling it quits anytime soon.  And the reveal at the end! I know I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next.

Along with the writing in this issue, I have to say I loved Pepe Larraz‘ art and David Curiel‘s colors. From the depiction of the characters to the action scenes to the fantastic splash pages, the art and writing really joined hand in hand for this issue and this is a team that really works well together. Larraz gives us a beautiful scene with Rogue; no words, just a beautifully drawn and colored moment that I paused on for a few moments to take it all in, to feel what Rogue was feeling in that moment. It was really great.

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue. This title as a whole has been very up and down with me. But I really feel it found it’s groove when it was dealing more with the Red Skull, instead of him just being pushed off for other smaller stories. The ending of this major story arc really brought me around to this title and reminded me why I hadn’t given up on it. And again, that ending! I can’t wait to see what that reveal brings to the team and where these characters go next.

Story: Gerry Dugan Art: Pepe Larraz Colours: David Curiel
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Read

Marvel Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE issue for review