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Review: Uncanny Avengers #27

untitledIt’s hard to take a stand when the world keeps spinning…

The Unity Squad just wanted to get some sleep after all the chaos that followed the Hydra take over, but Graviton had other plans for them. Jim Zub brings us a good issue, giving this reader at least a fun, action packed issue that brings me back to the days of the Avengers just doing what they do best. Not worrying about a world take over, or mental break down or cosmic cube, but rather going toe to toe with an old school villain just wanting to bring a smack down.  This team has really found its footing and they smoothly move into action, including the Scarlet Witch who just came to the team last issue. Personally, I think Wasp should be leading this Squad instead of Rogue as it is a role she has played in the past, but I get that this book is trying to show Rogue growing and coming into her own.

Sean Izaakse does a good job with the art duties in this issue.  Each character has their own personality, the expressions and movements are fluid and the action scenes are fast and put us right into the battle. I wouldn’t mind seeing costume redesigns for a few characters, but that’s just an ongoing wish with me and this book.

Overall, this was a fun read and I enjoyed it. It really just brought me back to the times where it was the good guys squaring off against the bad guys without any politics or anything heavier bringing it all down. I am loving the addition of Scarlet Witch to the team, not only because she is one of my favorite characters, but I have always loved the dynamic between Pietro and Wanda and how they interact on the same team. A lot has happened between them recently, so it will be interesting to see them back together again.

Story: Jim Zub  Artist: Sean Izaakse
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.25 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE issue for review

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Wednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

Each week our contributors are choosing up to five books and why they’re choosing the books. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.


Top Pick: Runaways #1 (Marvel) – I was late to the party when this book was first out, but I did read and catch up on it and I really enjoyed it. I’m excited to see these characters now and find out what’s been going on with them.

Secret Empire Omega #1 (Marvel) – Secret Empire was a train wreck that I just couldn’t look away from. I followed the entire run just to see how bad the story could get…and wow I was not disappointed. And I still can’t get rid of the stink that last issue left. I still can’t believe the whole thing was green lit. But I digress; This issue is only on my list just to see what happens after the dust settles….and to see if the world reverts back to normal just as quickly as it seemed to be taken over by Hydra, though I have a feeling it will be a “long road back to normalcy” *eye roll*

Uncanny Avengers #27 (Marvel) – Scarlet Witch is back on an Avengers team…enough said!



Top Pick: Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1 (DC Comics) – What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… until now, find out what happened in Vegas with some of our favorite DC lady bad asses.

The Defenders #5 (Marvel) – The Punisher has gone rogue and is turning on the team. I feel an epic rumble going down!

Runaways #1 (Marvel) – They’re back and I’m here for it!!

Suicide Squad #25 (DC Comics) – The “Kill Your Darlings” arc is ending, grab popcorn because it’s going all the way down.

Wynonna Earp: Season Zero #3 (IDW Publishing) – Halfway through the story and Wynonna is giving us something to enjoy until we can see more of her and the game on TV.

Slam: The Next Jam #1 (BOOM! Studios) – The next season of this amazingly accurate and hella fun derby life comic is here and I’ve got all the feels!



Top Pick: Dark Nights: Metal #2 (DC Comics) – The first issue knocked it out of the park bringing together lots of hints and winks that have been building over the years as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo reteamed for their latest Batman-centric adventure. The second really kicks things up to 11.

First Strike #3 (IDW Publishing) – A fun event that brings together G.I. Joe, Transformers, and more in a story that feels like something my 8 year old self would have come up with.

Ghost Money #2 (Lion Forge Comics) – A lot of money was made on 9/11, but what happened to it? This is that story. The first issue was unexpected and I was floored as to how good it was.

Mech Cadet Yu #2 (BOOM! Studios) – The first issue was beyond adorable in a story that’s perfect for comic fans of all ages. Giant robots, aliens, a kid and his robot friend, it’s a fun series that really surprised me as to how much I enjoyed it. A comic that was on my radar quickly jumped high on my list of ones I look forward to.

Mister Miracle #2 (DC Comics) – The first issue was amazing and the second brings us the war as a new Highfather takes his throne and a conspiracy may be afoot.

Around the Tubes

It was new comic book day yesterday! What’d folks get? What’d you like? What’d you dislike? Sound off in the comments below! While you decide on that here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

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Comic Attack – Uncanny Avengers #26

Preview: Uncanny Avengers #26

Uncanny Avengers #26

(W) Jim Zub (A) Sean Izaakse (CA) R. B. Silva
Rated T+
In Shops: Aug 30, 2017
SRP: $3.99

• Wanda Maximoff has returned to the Avengers at last!
• But not everyone on the team is happy about it…
• At the same time, an old foe returns and our heroes’ lives are thrown upside down!

Preview: Uncanny Avengers #25

Uncanny Avengers #25

(W) Jim Zub (A) Aaron Kim Jacinto, Juan Antonio Ramirez, Jahnoy Lindsay (CA) R. B. Silva
Rated T+
In Shops: Jul 12, 2017
SRP: $4.99

• Manhattan is under siege! In order to survive this endless night, the Avengers must face darkness without and darkness within.

Preview: Uncanny Avengers #24

Uncanny Avengers #24

(W) Jim Zub (A) Aaron Kim Jacinto (CA) R. B. Silva
Rated T+
In Shops: Jun 14, 2017
SRP: $3.99

• Tricked by Hydra, trapped in a prison they never anticipated, the Uncanny Avengers have a cunning escape plan…but it might just make things even worse!

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Wednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

We’re bringing back something we haven’t done for a while, what the team thinks. Our contributors are choosing up to five books each week and why they’re choosing the books.

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.


Top Pick: Rai: The History Of The Valiant Universe#1 (Valiant) – I’ve been waiting for a return to Rai for a long time, an these four standalone stories may scratch that itch.

Kill The Minotaur #1 (Image) – The cover looks awesome, and I’m on an Ancient Greece kick.

Mother Russia #1 (Alterna) – With Alterna’s move to bring back newsprint, their price points have dropped significantly. I don’t even know what this comic is about, but I’m getting because it’s $1.50.

Trespasser #1 (Alterna) – The second of this week’s newsprint comics from Alterna that also rings in at $1.50. I don’t know what this is about either, but it’s at a very attractive price, and Alterna haven’t done me wrong yet.



Top Pick: Dark Days: The Forge #1 (DC Comics) – DC has been teasing this for so long and this is our first look as to what we can expect in this summer’s event. I’m beyond excited to see how this fits into Rebith and where it goes.

Legion of Super Heroes/Bugs Bunny #1 (DC Comics) – This just looks too fun.

Martian Manhunter/Marvin the Martian #1 (DC Comics) – See above, too fun.

Tomboy #11 (Action Lab: Danger Zone) – This series continously surprises me mixing horror, manga, superheroes, and teenage drama. An awesome indie series that deserves more eyes on it.

Catalyst Prime Accell #1 (Lion Forge Comics) – Lion Forge has been killing it with their Catalyst line of comics and I look forward to each series to see what it entails.



Suicide Squad #19 (DC Comics) – Zod has broken free, a Kryptonian army of invaders is about to take over earth and, the Suicide Squad is our only hope. Grab some popcorn kiddos, this is about to get epic!

The Defenders #1 (Marvel) – The gangs all here and the first story arc , hopefully tying in with the upcoming Netflix series, is about to kick off. Fingers crossed for a fantastic story and a good time.

Motor Crush TP Vol. 1 (Image) – The first collection of the amazing lady powered bad assery that is Motor Crush. Catch up and get blown away by the kick ass Domino, her killer wheels and a high octane story line that’ll knock your knickers off.

Kingpin #5 (Marvel) – Sarah is in too deep , Fisk has got his image makeover, for better or worse, and now we get to see his end game. Is he going to keep showing us his human Fisk side? Or is the Kingpin gonna stay out and play? Or, are they both gonna run the town? I shiver with anticipation and you should too.



Top Pick: X-Men Blue #5 (Marvel) – I’ve really been enjoying this new title, setting the time displaced X-Men out on their own and doing the superhero thing. And the dynamic with Magneto has been interesting, and I’m really curious to see his end game given what was revealed to us in an earlier issue. Not totally on board with the arrival of another Wolverine character, but it could make an already interesting cast that much more interesting and throw some new curves in.

The Defenders #1 (Marvel) – Well we had to see this coming (thanks Netflix :P) but I am curious to see these 4 take to the page together. I’m hoping this is an action packed, fun ride.

Hulk #7 (Marvel) – Well the Hulk has come out, and it is very different from the She-Hulk we all know and love. This has been a fantastic book and I’m looking forward to see things progress now that Jen has released her Hulk.

Uncanny Avengers #24 (Marvel) – Given how things ended between this team and Steve Rogers, I am more then excited to see Rogue go up against him and his Hydra. I hope the gloves come off (literally) and she gets a little payback.

Review: Uncanny Avengers #22

5786953-22The Unity Squad has been playing a cat-and-mouse game with Red Skull – but it all ends here! Not everyone will finish on their feet…The final fate of Charles Xavier’s telepathic brain is revealed! Rogue does some soul searching in an unlikely place, and the craziest final splash page ever.

The chase has finally ended in Uncanny Avengers #22 and the Unity Squad has captured the Red Skull. The last few issues have been crazy fun, with the Skull using the powers of Charles Xavier to manipulate the Avengers, with the exception of Deadpool, who had done everything he could to free his teammates and took one hell of a beating from Rogue. But now Rogue and her teammates can finally have Xavier’s powers removed from Skull and put Charles Xavier to rest.

Gerry Dugan presents a very well written ending to a moment that has been long coming. You really feel the relief of the capture of Red Skull, especially through Rogue, who for so long has wanted to stop him from perverting Xavier’s dream and using his powers to wreak havoc. This feels like an ending issue, with the team finally able to take a moment and reflect back on everything and look towards their future. But if the last few pages, which had my eyes widen and ask “what the !*#%?” are any indication, this team is not planning on calling it quits anytime soon.  And the reveal at the end! I know I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next.

Along with the writing in this issue, I have to say I loved Pepe Larraz‘ art and David Curiel‘s colors. From the depiction of the characters to the action scenes to the fantastic splash pages, the art and writing really joined hand in hand for this issue and this is a team that really works well together. Larraz gives us a beautiful scene with Rogue; no words, just a beautifully drawn and colored moment that I paused on for a few moments to take it all in, to feel what Rogue was feeling in that moment. It was really great.

Overall, I really enjoyed this issue. This title as a whole has been very up and down with me. But I really feel it found it’s groove when it was dealing more with the Red Skull, instead of him just being pushed off for other smaller stories. The ending of this major story arc really brought me around to this title and reminded me why I hadn’t given up on it. And again, that ending! I can’t wait to see what that reveal brings to the team and where these characters go next.

Story: Gerry Dugan Art: Pepe Larraz Colours: David Curiel
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Read

Marvel Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE issue for review

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