POC-Friendly Comic Book Conventions

(originally posted at theblerdgurl)

I get asked so often about conventions that are run by people of color, or are POC-friendly, that I decided to make this list to keep folks informed. I have either attended one of the cons myself of I know someone who has. I will be updating this list from time to time on my site, so feel free to check it out there as well.  Thanks!

Black Comic Conventions

Schomburg Black Comic Book Festival – Jan 13th-14 2017

New York City, NY

Khem Comic Book Fest – March 18, 2017

Newark, NJ

BSAM– Black Speculative Arts Movement

Prairie View, TX – Feb 18, 2017

St. Louis, MO – Mar  17-18, 2017

Bronx, NY – April 22, 2017

Oakland, CA May 13, 2017

Los Angeles, CA June 25, 2017

ECBACC (East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention) – May 20, 2017

Philadelphia, PA

OnyxCon Sankofa – Feb 25, 2017
OnyxCon – August 26-27th 2017

Atlanta, GA

MEccaCon– Sept. 16th 2017

Detriot, MI

Motor City Black Age of Comics – TBA

Detroit, MI

Blacktasticon (SOBSFCon) – TBA

NubiaOne Fest – Jun 16-17, 2017

Atlanta, GA

Other POC Comic Conventions

Texas Latino Comic Con – July 29th 2017

Dallas, TX

Latino Comics Expo – August 6-7th 2016 (no new date yet)

Long Beach, CA

Indigenous Comic Con – November 10-12th 2017

Albuquerque, NM

New Conventions

Blerdcon – June 30-July 2, 2017

Washington DC

Five Points Festival – May 20-21, 2017

New York, NY

Universal FanCon – April 27-29th 2018

Baltimore, MD


Women Run Comic and Scifi Conventions (Intersectional Friendly)

ClexaCon – March 3-5th 2017

Las Vegas, NV

WiNC Con (Women in Comics Convention) – March 25th 2017

Bronx, NY

WisCon – May 26-29, 2017

Madison, WI

GeekGirlCon – September 30-October 1st 2017

Seattle, WA

Indie Comic Conventions

Comic Creator Conference – Feb 17th 2017

Long Beach, CA

MoCCA Arts Fest – April 1-2nd 2017

New York City, NY

Momocon – May 25-28th 2017

Atlanta, GA

AwesomeCon – June 16-18th 2017

Washington, DC

HeroesCon – June 16-18th 2017

Charlotte, NC

Large Conventions

Emerald City Comic Con – March 2-5th 2017

Seattle, WA

C2E2– April 21-23rd 2017

Chicago, IL

Comic Con International San Diego – July 20-23

San Diego, CA

New York Comic Con (NYCC) – Oct. 5-8, 2017

New York City, NY

WonderCon – March 31st-April 2nd 2017

Anaheim, CA

GenCon – August 17-20th

Indianapolis, IN

Wizard World Chicago – August 24-27th 2017

Chicago, IL

DragonCon – September 1-4th 2017

Atlanta, GA

Stan Lee’s Comic Con (Comickaze) – October 27-29th 2017

Los Angeles, CA



  • I just wanted to share with you 221B Con. It’s a Sherlock Holmes/other fandom con. The cool thing about this convention is that it’s about 80% women. The last two years there were so many women that the hotel had to convert several male bathrooms to ladies bathrooms because there weren’t enough. It’s also super LGBTQA+ friendly. Several of the attendees are queer or transgendered. They have several panels discussing Queer themes in Sherlock Holmes. Last year (or it might have been the 2015 con), they had a panel discussing being transgendered in fandoms.
    While this article is focused on POC, I just wanted to share another cool con that’s out there!