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Review: Bullseye #2

bull2017002-dc11-lrBullseye #2 is only a continuation of the Columbian Connection arc introduced in the first issue. Focusing on one story line isn’t a bad thing, the other arc is still in the back of our minds but, this issue has so much going on there isn’t a need for another storyline and we know the two arcs are intertwined. Ed Brisson tells a compelling story as we follow Bullseye on his hunt for the Black Knife Cartel to rescue his employer’s kidnapped son. Besides the killer’s on a quest to stop him, he’s also being hunted by our favorite female Fed who enlists dome rogue blacklisted CIA agents to take him down.

Brisson has Bullseye doing what he does best, being an unapologetic sadistic psycho and, then ups the ante by having his nemesis be an equally remorseless drug lord.  Zacaro, Bullseye’s target, unleashes his minions to hunt him down before he can rescue the boy. Brisson tells a story that is equal parts noir and Scarface, he keeps the characters unique in their actions and motivations. Guillermo Sanna gives us some great detail and strong lines in his near perfect old school Marvel renderings that bring back fond memories of the comics of my youth. The darkness in his drawings immediately let you know that this isn’t for kids, it’s a dark, grown-up tale. Sanna’s lines are given life and an ominous dark palette, befitting the carnage in this story by Miroslav Mrva. Their artistic talents combined transport the reader inside the story, it feels more like you’re watching a film than reading a comic book.

This issue is a wonderfully created collaboration between some very talented individuals that give the reader something to sink their teeth in to. No panel is wasted, no human character defect left unexplored, no bloodshed left covered up. Bullseye is a deep dark look into the soul of a killer, especially when the arc trajectory has him facing off against a man whose soul might just be as dark as his own. The only thing wrong with this issue is that Marvel is back to its once a month production schedule for this character and I loathe having to wait so long to see how this shakes out.

Story: Ed Brisson Art: Guillermo Sanna Color: Miroslav Mrva
Story: 8.7 Art: 8.8 Overall: 8.8 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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