Review: Motor Girl #4

motor-girl-4Vic and Larry try to bully Samantha into selling the junkyard, but Sam proves to be a formidable opponent, especially with the help of a few resident extraterrestrials!

Motor Girl, let me tell you how much I love you.

Writer and artist Terry Moore continues to knock it out of the park with this latest series which brilliantly mixes sci-fi and humor for a combination that’s one of the most fun comics on the market, and it really should be a downer.

The comic is about a sleazy corporate-type guy trying to buy a junkyard from an old woman, while the keeper of the yard, Sam, is possibly seeing UFOs, has a drinking problem, and her best friend is a talking gorilla. Weird doesn’t come close to summing up the series, but it’s quirky fun that I find myself laughing with every issue and finishing each with a big grin on my face. This issue is no exception.

Last issue we saw Larry get abducted by a UFO and in this issue Same comes across Vic who’s waiting for his friend to return like a lost puppy. That parts funny enough, but then add in a scientist who’s tripping because he licked a toxin and it gets even funnier. This issue is full of comedy, both physical and situational. We also get to know Sam more too.

As the heroine of the comic, Sam is an interesting one. She’s tough and I mean that both physically and emotionally. She’s experienced some trauma with hints seen in this issue and we also get to see her kick some ass. When it comes to favorite female comic characters, she’s quickly rising to becoming one of my favorites. Terry Moore continues to knock it out of the park with his characters and here he keeps adding depth through small additions.

As much as I examine the comic, it’s flawless. The worst part is, I want to read more. It’s such a fun read it flys by and a month is too long to wait. Motor Girl is my new favorite series and one of the best on the market today.

Story: Terry Moore Art: Terry Moore Cover Color: Steve Hamaker
Story: 10.0 Art: 10.0 Overall: 10.0 Recommendation: Buy

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