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Transformers Generations Titan Masters Wave 4 Set

Awesome set! Titan Masters Transformers have been in short supply at big box stores, so it’s a great idea to order them online – especially when one of them is an update of a screamingly rare Japan-only 1980s toy! Shuffler‘s a small robotic elephant that was sold as a tiny head that converts into a robot in the late 1980s. He rarely comes up for sale, and was never sold in any form on American shores until now! He can be a tank, a head, a weapon, and an elephant. His new cohort is Repugnus, an udpate of the Monsterbot. He’s smaller, but colorful and super weird. He can turn into an awesome bug robot monster, a plane, a blade weapon, and of course a small head. They’re joined by the always-popular Nightbeat and Skytread!




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