Review: Inhumans vs. X-Men #3

inhumans_vs__x_men__3New Attilan is conquered. Medusa and her generals are being held prisoner as the X-Men prepare to cleanse the world of the Terrigen Cloud. Could this be the end of Inhuman progeny? Now, the only hope for the Inhuman legacy rests in the hands of an unlikely crew of young Inhumans.

I’ve generally been down on Marvel‘s events for quite some time, but four issues in (I’m counting the 0 issue) I’m actually impressed with this story so far. Like so many other stories, this event could have easily been vignettes featuring big battle scenes that pit off two characters for a few pages. While there is that, there’s so much more as each “battle” and encounter takes a style unto their own. Each situation is unique and that attention to detail by writers Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire is what makes the series really work.

What makes Soule and Lemire’s narrative work so well is that they have really thought through each power set of the Inhumans and how the X-Men deal with them. This isn’t just person with fire versus a person with ice abilities battling it out. It’s smarter in many ways.

Some of that intelligence is that the characters themselves continue to question the justification. The X-Men have participated in a pre-emptive strike in some ways, depends who you ask and your viewpoint, and not everyone is comfortable with that. This is an army at war with troops following orders, even though they’re not quite sure of their righteousness of it all. That too helps make the story not quite clear cut as to who is right and who is wrong in this battle and also makes the characters participating come off as having more depth. By steering away from the black and white the overall story so far has been enhanced.

The art by Javi Garron is solid, especially considering how much is covered in the issue with different locations and characters. Garron is helped by Andres Mossa and Jay David Ramos on colors. Garron too seems to focus on small details like a facial expression and even adds a little humor doing so. A scene between Iso and Forge should have lots of tension but is played a bit for laughs, especially when Forge figures out what’s about to happen. It’s noticeable and adds to the already entertaining writing.

I’m impressed so far and this is an event where the tie-ins are adding to the larger story but at the same time the main series delivers. The major details are here and covers a hell of a lot with each issue. When events by the main two have felt like they’ve lacked in recent years, this one is heads and above expectations.

Story: Charles Soule, Jeff Lemire Art: Javi Garron Cover Art: Leinil Francis Yu
Story: 8.35 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.35 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review