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Review: Motor Crush #2


Even though its characters are cute as hell thanks to Babs Tarr‘s art work, the main characters of Motor Crush #2 are in some deep trouble as Domino is without a ride for the big WGP race that she needs to win to have Crush, the drugs that keep her going. But, for most of the issue, Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, and Tarr have her on the run from some thugs, who are taking protection money from her estranged friend, Lola.

Motor Crush #2 is a thrill ride just like the previous issue, and like Stewart, Fletcher, and Tarr’s work on Batgirl, it is stylish too. Tarr’s bikes pop out of the page while Domino and Lola make a daring escape, and they have cool outfits and glasses to match. Plus there’s plenty of pink and screen tones. However, beneath the fast chases and fierce fashion, Domino is really a broken person. She has left her friend Lola high and dry and only talks with her so she can have a new ride for the race. But then Tarr lingers on a bruise on her face from an attack on Lola’s bar, and Domino feels bad for Lola and wants to help her out in any way possible. “Any way possible” means darker days are on the horizon, however, which is saying a lot because Domino’s brother got killed off in the first issue.

Even though it’s bookended by Domino having some personal issues with her adoptive dad Sully and a tense negotiation with Crush’s manufacturers, Motorcrush #2 is mostly one extended chase and fight sequence. The first part of the issue moves in stops and starts because Domino is ride-less, but that all changes in turn of a sweet team-up mood from Lola and Domino. The breathless running and effortless chemistry that Lola and Domino share when they’re taking out baddies with jerry-rigged technology. Like Captain Kirk, there are no no-win situations for Domino, but this gets her into situations that get her and those close to her into danger.

Motor Crush #2 is set in a universe similar to Speed Racer where a main sporting event can mean fortune or fame to its inhabitants, and the comic has loads of visual panache like the Wachowski Sisters’ 2008 film if its main character had addiction problems and angered motorsports obsessed drug cartels. But between the kicks, chases, and Mexican standoffs, Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, and Babs Tarr explore the glorious depths of their broken, yet badass protagonist Domino Swift because motorcycle riders have lots of feelings too.

Story: Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher Art: Babs Tarr
Story: 8 Art: 10 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review