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Review: Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1

justlpr_cv1_dsTwo of comics greatest teams team up for the very first time! Something terrible has happened in Angel Grove! When the Command Center is breached and the teleporters are damaged, Zack is flung into another universe, where he’s mistaken for a villain by a mysterious masked vigilante. Can the other Power Rangers get to their friend in time to save him from Batman?

BOOM! Studios and DC Comics have teamed up to bring their super groups together for this rather interesting first issue. Written by Tom Taylor Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 starts off with a shocker that’s super dark for a Power Rangers story and even a little dark for DC’s “Rebirth era.” That immediately caught my attention in a way that I had no idea where things were going from here, but I was intrigued to find out!

It’s a bit difficult to go through what works and what doesn’t in the comic without spoiling what’s inside but that issue follows somewhat what you’d expect after starting with a flash forward it then takes us through the events that leads up to that shocking beginning.

We get a lot of Power Rangers action as they battle Zedd after some more unexpected moments. That all leads to the eventually meeting of the Power Rangers and some of the Justice League following the formula of heroes battle before they eventually team up. That’s the one downside to the story. The latter half falls into the trope we’ve seen over and over.

But it’s that first half that had me really interested. It kept me on my toes and felt like a bit more of an “adult” take on the Rangers and not the kids show I remember from when I was younger. What’s also impressive is Taylor being able to keep the tone of the Power Rangers and the tone of the DC superheroes, which does differ, and make it work when they eventually meet. Each keeps their vibe and it flows well.

The art by Stephen Byrne is decent. I’m not the biggest fan of the style, but characters are recognizable and the action sequences are laid out really well. That’s the strength of the art, the action, and there’s a lot of it, is really solid. The battle with Zedd, the eventual battle between the Power Rangers and Justice League, it’s all solid work as far as the angles, panels, and flow. It’s just the character design I’m not the biggest fan of.

The first issue is a solid one. I honestly rolled my eyes when I first heard of this crossover, but after reading the first issue I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. There’s a lot that works and does that really well. There’s some things that feel been there done that. But, something clicks in this rather bizarre combination.

Story: Tom Taylor Art: Stephen Byrne Cover Art: Karl Kerschl
Story: 7.5 Art: 7 Overall: 7.45 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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