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Review: Giant Days #22

giantdays_022_a_mainGiant Days #22 kicks off 2017 with quite the drama bomb: Daisy has a huge crush on a German psychology student named Ingrid, and that crush is definitely reciprocated. Writer John Allison, artists Max Sarin and Liz Fleming, and colorist Whitney Cogar skillfully show what happens when an extrovert goes out with an introvert. Aka this comic made me tired in a good way as Daisy and Ingrid ride a cab from Sheffield to Manchester and go to crazy underground parties, which is the complete opposite of Daisy’s usual lower energy lifestyle. Ingrid brings a manic energy to the pages of Giant Days as Sarin and Fleming make panels and figures literally bend like they are Adventure Time characters when she and Daisy hit the dance floor.

The subplot front isn’t half-bad either with Esther putting both feet forward and being totally cool with cleaning ovens at her bakery job. Except that seems to be her only task, and she quits for a more interesting job, which seems to be the main subject of the next issue. It is kind of hilarious to see her live through Daisy’s hitchhiking, partying, and smooching escapades with Ingrid when she is usually the center of the drama. Allison and Sarin also show that she’s a good friend when she listens to Daisy freaking out about being bi and even “pops her cherry” of holding a girl’s hand in public. But being Esther, she has quite the laugh when Susan tumbles from her scooter even as Sarin and Fleming exaggerate how dirty she is from cleaning ovens throughout the issue.

Daisy freaking out about Ingrid is one of the most incredible things to happen to her in Giant Days since she came out as bi. Allison uses a bit of narrative captions to show her thought process as she chooses each text carefully and tries to divine the meanings of emojis like it’s some ancient language. Since no one has never “pursued” her romantically before, Daisy is getting mixed signals even though Sarin uses obvious body language cues to show that Ingrid is super into her.  (The hearts over her head are a dead giveaway.) And Ingrid rubs off on Daisy, like in a few pages where Daisy kisses her, then almost gets hit by a car, and then pulls a face that makes it look like it’s the happiest moment in her life. Love (or lust) definitely makes you do the wacky as Buffy Summers once said.

An engaging  romance between Daisy and Ingrid that leads to massive changes in her character as falling in love at 19 only can along with the usual humorous cartooning of Max Sarin and Liz Fleming, insightful characterization from John Allison, and wacky color palette from Whitney Cogar shows that Giant Days #22 is still the best slice of life comic going into 2017. Also, I’m a little too excited to see Esther’s reactions to working at a comic book shop in future issues.

Story: John Allison Pencils: Max Sarin Inks: Liz Fleming Colors: Whitney Cogar
Story: 8 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.2  Recommendation: Buy

BOOM! Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review