Kingpin, Bullseye & Elektra are Running With the Devil This February!

Marvel has announced “Running With the Devil” beginning this February! A brand new initiative, “Running With the Devil” spotlights a brand-new story arc beginning in the pages of Daredevil as well as the launch of three major titles for his closest friends…and deadliest foes!

It all starts in Daredevil #17, as secrets will be revealed! Blockbuster creators Charles Soule and Ron Garney team to answer the question on everyone’s mind –  just how did Matt Murdock regain his secret identity?! Then prepare to delve into the mind of two vile villains in Kingpin #1 from Matthew Rosenberg and Ben Torres and Bullseye #1 from Ed Brisson and Guillermo Sanna.  Finally, Sin City is about to get a new player in Elektra #1 from writer Matt Owens and artist Alec Morgan! How long can Elektra escape her past when she runs afoul of Arcade and his new Murderworld?!

The table is set and the pieces are on the board. As Elektra, Kingpin and Bullseye set off on their own paths, how long before all three come crashing back in to Matt Murdock’s life?

Kingpin #1 features a cover by Jeff Dekal, Bullseye #1‘s cover by Dave Johnson, and Elektra #1 cover by Elizabeth Torque. There’s also a connecting variant for the three series from Marco Checchetto.