A High School Senior is Writing Her First Comic Book Being Published by Red 5 Comics

Hayley Nitz is a high school senior and avid comic fan who dreams of one day becoming a comic book writer in her own right, and is already writing at a professional level.  She’s also the niece of Jai Nitz who actually is a comic book writer – he co-created the DC Comics character EL Diablo recently seen in Suicide Squad. Together the two of them have taken a classic alternate history question and brought a new spin to it in Chasing Hitler.

The story spun out of Hayley’s American History class after she learned that Hitler’s body was never identified after World War II leading her to start playing with the idea of  “what if he survived”.

The story begins at the end of the war where Majors Alex Taylor and Conner Walsh come face to face with the Fuhrer during his attempt to fake his own death and flee the fall of Germany.  Unable to get anyone to believe them, Taylor and Walsh refuse to give up, pursuing clues of Hitler’s survival across continents and meeting new allies and villains along the way.  Will they bring history’s greatest criminal to justice?

The answer will be told in 2017 … if Chasing Hitler gets made. Red 5 Comics has optioned the series for publication once it is finished.  Hayley and Jair Nitz are running a Kickstarter campaign as we speak to raise funds for issues 2-4 in order to bring this story to you.

Chasing Hitler will be a four issue series written by Jai Nitz and Hayley Nitz with art by Jethro Morales and covers courtesy of Greg Smallwood, Mike Norton, Nathan Szerdy, and Phil Hester.