Review: Civil War II #6

civil_war_ii__6-8Sides have been drawn, battles have been fought, but it all comes down to this. Captain Marvel versus Iron Man over the future of the Marvel Universe, one of the biggest battles in Marvel history!

Civil War II #6 picks up directly from the last issue’s revelation of Miles standing over the body of Captain America. This is the first issue to really dive into the idea of charging an individual with a crime due to what they might do, not what they have done. The fact that it’s a young “Black” character isn’t lost on me.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis feels like he has the issue getting back to what we were promised the series would be, a Marvel take on Phillip K. Dick’s Minority Report, pre-cog crime prevention with superheroes. Unfortunatley six issues is a bit too late for that. This feels like a debate we should have been seeing a lot more from a lot more individuals. Instead, we got deaths and fights to distract us.

There’s some interesting things like some characters changing their positions and more importantly characters actually reflecting on their decisions and what the ramifications of them are. We also start to see the fracturing of the younger heroes with the older ones. That’d be much more interesting if we already hadn’t had the release of Champions #1.

David Marquez‘s art is still good and he covers a lot of characters as usual. The details aren’t quite as good as it has been in the past with some of that detail washed out a bunch. The art feels a bit rushed overall, it’s just not as solid as it has been.

There’s some interesting things in the issue and it gets closer to the premise we were promised, but like previous issues it just feels empty at this point too. We had battles that were just thrown together and this too feels like a quick deescalation. Much like the event as a whole, the issue is a step off. The final panel is an interesting one and I want to see what Bendis has up his sleeve, but at this point it’s really hard to keep going.

Story: Brian Michael Bendis Art: David Marquez
Story: 6.5 Art: 7.4 Overall: 6.7 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review