Review: Carnage #13

carnage-13Carnage #13 picks up with Clare Dixon no longer hunting Carnage but, helping him find his way to the altar to unleash the full power of the Darkhold in her capacity as Raze. Jubilee is helping the Anti-Carnage Task Force by using her psychic link to the Kasady. This issue lets us follow Carnage and Raze as they make their way to the altar and Jubilee as she deals with the death of her beloved Papa.

Gerry Conway‘s writing takes the story seamlessly between the touching moments between Jubilee and her family and Carnage & Raze’s venture to the temple. There are no lulls in the story even when Raze and Carnage find themselves having a serious fight between their human selves and their symbiote selves. The anger, rage, and passion makes you feel for the characters no matter how bad their deeds are. I love the complexity Conway creates for the characters allowing the reader to see the characters actions through the characters eyes and better understand their motives and, their feelings.`

Mike Perkins‘ artwork goes back and forth between the darkness of the search for the altar, Raze and Carnage’s inner demons coming to light, and the lightness shown in the family panels with Jubilee and her family. I also love the haze type effect in the panels as Jubilee’s beloved Papa prepares to die. Perkins’ art pulls us further into the story and sets the mood perfectly for Conway’s story.

Overall Carnage #13 left me wanting more, in the best possible way. As a stand alone issue it draws the reader in and makes you feel invested in the story. As part of the story arc, it serves it purpose as a stabilizer that readies us for the battle to come. I’m ready for whatever comes next and super excited to see how all of this plays out.

Story: Gerry Conway Art: Mike Perkins
Story: 9.2 Art:9 Overall: 9.1 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review