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lovedlostcvrby Tyler Chin-Tanner

“Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you get burned.” The new anthology Loved & Lost collecting 9 stories about imperfect romance launches on Kickstarter.

Maybe it’s because I grew up reading short stories from Roald Dahl and Edgar Allen Poe, but I always thought the format worked best when it had some sort of wicked twist at the end. Not necessarily a tragic ending, but you don’t have a lot of time for development and the point of any story is to have the character change is some way. So pulling the rug out from beneath them is a pretty effective way to punctuate that moment.

So I thought this would work well for love stories too. I mean, isn’t that how it really happens? You set yourself up with expectations that things are going to work out a certain way and then BAM, like a punch to the gut.

When you think about it, there’s far too many stories about true love out there. Look, I get it. That’s the ultimate goal but there’s a lot to be said about what we learn from relationships along the way.

So in a nutshell, that’s how I ended up writing 9 stories about imperfect romance. I’m not going to commit myself to say they all end badly. Some of them end in a situation that you might describe as… well, what’s the term? Complicated.

These are stories about people living in the modern world dealing with pitfalls we can all relate to even if the details of how it went down vary. These are stories about soldiers, techies and artists meeting online, on vacation, or at sporting events.

And it made for some great imagery along the way. I worked with a different artist or art team for each one and these creators may not be big names yet, but they did some great work. Not only are they very talented but their skill set matched each of these stories to a T.

I can’t wait for everyone to see more of this project and that begins with the Kickstarter. There are some great opportunities to grab either the digital or print version of the book, as well as additional prints, art, and a limited bookplate signed by the creative team.

And I did something a little different with the prints this time around. Beyond getting some great artists like Leila del Duca (Shutter) & Toby Cypress (Omega Men), I decided to pair their illustrations with classic love poems. We laid the text right in there with the art and the result was very interesting. I’m going to make sure I print these at the highest quality I can.

So there you have it, a brand new anthology that I’m really proud of. It’s the second one I’ve published and funded through Kickstarter. The first one (the Broken Frontier anthology) came out great, so I can promise you this will be a quality book delivered on time filled with stories I know you’re going to love.




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