Caliber Comics to be Offered by Diamond Distributors

Caliber Comics logo600x700Caliber Comics, the publisher of creator owned comics that relaunched in 2014, will begin to release its wide diversity of titles to the direct market via an agreement with Diamond Comic Distributors starting in the August Previews for October release.

Caliber, which focuses on graphic novel releases and trade paperback compilations, has selectively solicited titles with Diamond in the past but will now have a regular schedule of releases and each month will offer four to five titles to retailers.

Although Caliber Comics only publishes trade book size in print, it does have an extensive release footprint with numerous digital platforms.  Vice President Eric Reichert who coordinates the multi-media licensing and digital areas of Caliber said that in the digital market, the 150+ graphic novels in its library are offered in their original single issues format as well as collected graphic novels.  “Right now, we have nearly 800 releases in the digital arena,” said Reichert, “with the books available on 40+ platforms including Comixology, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and more are continually being added.

For the first month, the Diamond releases are:

Rocky Horror Picture Show: The Comic Book GN

Just in time for the Fox remake, relive the classic. The cult hit in a special “basic core” version which is the only official adaptation of the entire movie – now at a special introductory price.  The additional material in the comic series such as song lyrics, participation guide, interviews, etc. will be available in “The Master’s Edition” version to be offered at a later date.  This full color movie adaptation is faithfully rendered by Kevin VanHook (noted original Valiant editor, writer, artist).  72 pages, $12.99,  978-1-942351-672.   For more information:


Deadworld: Requiem for the World GN

The reboot of the acclaimed Deadworld in this collected version of the entire Image Comics mini-series.  Original favorite artist Vince Locke (Sandman, Batman) is joined by Dalibor Talajic (Deadpool, Red Wolf), and writer Gary Reed as the long running zombie series goes back to the beginning to allow new fans to join in the classic comic series which began in the late 1980s and has lived till today in over 100 issues. 152 pages, black and white, $16.99,  978-1-942351351. For more information:


Inferno: A Sleep and a Forgetting GN

Coming back into print is this early graphic novel created by two of the minds behind television’s hottest shows Mike Carey (Fox’s Lucifer) with artwork from Michael Gaydos (Netflix’s Jessica Jones).  In the Inferno, a netherworld city fueled by sin and driven by corruption across the ages, John Travis finds himself as the only person to ever escape Hell and live. Problem is he just doesn’t remember it.  146 pages, black and white, $14.99,  978-0-985749323.  For more information:


Caliber Presents #1 GN

The all new Caliber Presents! One of the leading independent comic anthologies returns as an expanded graphic novel and while still featuring newly discovered creators it also includes many established professionals with new stories to tell. Creators featured in this first issue include nominees and winners of some of the industry’s major awards including the Eisner, Harvey, Xeric, Ghastly, Shel Dorf, Comic Monsters, Horror Comics, and more. Join writers Joe Pruett, Sam Costello, Ben Sherrill, Gary Reed, Mark Bertolini, and others as they team up with artists such as Alex Sheikman, Rowel Rogue, Jason Walz, Steven Perkins, Ken Meyer Jr. and more. 120 pages, black and white, $9.99,  978-1942351436.  For more information:


Days of Darkness GN

Collecting the incredible mini-series of the early days of the United States in WW II from popular historical writer and comic artist, Wayne Vansant.  Witness the war’s dark days in the tragedy of Pearl Harbor and the devastation of the fleet in Hawaii, to the evacuation of the Philippines, the horror of the Death March of Bataan, leading up to the dramatic Battle of Midway which stopped the Japanese juggernaut in the Pacific. Perfect for any history buff. 184 pages, black and white, $19.99,  978-0983630777.  For more information:


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