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Caliber Comics’ Deadworld Gets an Energy Drink

Caliber Comics has revealed a brand new Deadworld comic tie-in product. The Deadworld Zombie Regeneration Energy Drink. This canned 11.1oz (330ml) energy drink comes packed with vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and caffeine and features eye-catching graphics on the label. The energy drink has a suggested retail price of $2.99. This product compliments Caliber’s existing line of glass bottled Deadworld Zombie Sodas which can be purchased through retailers and distributors around the country and has found a loyal following with craft soda drinkers, pop culture fans and zombie lovers alike. Positioned as a year-round product, both Deadworld the beverages are a perfect addition for your Halloween party.

Originally published in 1986, Deadworld was ahead of the zombie apocalypse horro comic trend and to this date the series has over 100 publications in comic and graphic novels gracing bookshelves.

Caliber Comics’ Releases in August 2018

NOWHERE – Volume One

A fantasy-horror story in the style of Alice in Wonderland with a touch of Stranger Things about a girl whose dreams are literally becoming real. What starts off as a strange adventure through nightmares and dreams soon becomes an examination of trauma and recovery. When Abigail dreams, she goes to a terrible place. A world of blight and ruin, inhabited by a dark entity that pursues her relentlessly. Once these were passed off as disturbed childhood dreams, she soon finds figments of her nightmares bleeding into the waking world. And as she becomes further trapped in her dreams, Abigail finds that this strange world is far more dangerous and complex than she could have ever imagined. Collects issues #1-6. Color. A Diamond Spotlight Title. DIAMOND # JUN181615 $18.99.

TIME GRUNTS – Volume One: The Monsters Within: October, 1944

Nazi fortunes appear bleaker by the day. But in the bowels of the Wenceslas Mines, a terrible threat has emerged! The Nazis have discovered the ability to conquer time itself with the help of a new ominous device, and now a rag tag group of American GIs must stop this threat to the past, present, and future while dealing with their past, prejudices, and fears in the process. “TIME GRUNTS is the product of years of effort and dedication – and the end result is something to be proud of.” – Alex Segura (Co-President, Archie Comics). “Time Grunts is a damn joy. Evan and company are producing a wonderful comic book filled not only with good art and story but passion. Take the jump and join the company on their mission.” – Matthew Clark (illustrator DC’s Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman: Arkham Knight). Collects issues 1-4. Color. DIAMOND # JUN181616. $18.99.


Long before The Walking Dead there was Deadworld. Here is one of comics’ longest running independents as Deadworld has had over 100 issues and graphic novels published and over one million copies sold over the years. And it all starts here! A supernatural plague has been unleashed on the world. The dead return to walk the Earth, but this is no standard zombie story. The dead are just soldiers for those who have crossed the Gateway. Now seven wayward teens on a school bus, scramble to escape the zombie apocalypse. Little did they know that there were also intelligent zombies and they had a plan…and they had a leader, King Zombie. Collects issues 5-8 and short story “Doom Patrol.” “This is the original zombie comic and it’s easy to see why it’s lasted so long.” – World’s Heavyweight Comics. “…amongst the most essential horror titles of the last twenty years.” – Peter Normanton, From the Tomb magazine. Black and White. DIAMOND # JUN181614 $14.99.

VIETNAM JOURNAL – Volume Three: From the Delta to Dak To

Vietnam Journal is a look at the Vietnam War through the eyes of a war journalist, Scott “Journal'” Neithammer, as he chronicles the lives and events of soldiers on the front line during the Vietnam War. Scott returns to Vietnam, having recovered from his war injuries, but his expectations of being assigned to a safe area dissipate as he is dropped into the middle of a firefight in the Mekong Delta. Neithammer joins up with a new group deployed in the Vietnam War by the US Navy, the SEALs. They’re not exactly happy with the older “Journal” tagging along but orders are orders. Written and Illustrated by Don Lomax (MARVEL’s Punisher). Collects issues #9-12. Black and White. DIAMOND # JUN181617 $16.99.

Caliber Comics’ Releases in July 2018


In the port city of Dagruum, pirates disrupt the peace of the city. Amidst the chaos, a new threat emerges, and the Dagruum Thieves Guild is quick to investigate. Meanwhile an elven mage named Felosial finds herself caught up in an adventure she hadn’t intended on having. With the help of her dwarven friend Bakar and the flamboyant thief Dilavo, she discovers secrets about the city and its inhabitants that may change the course of her life forever. For those that enjoy the adventures of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Dungeons and Dragons. Collects issues 1-4. Written by Amanda and Rory Webb, illustrated by Amanda Webb. Color. DIAMOND # MAY181561 $18.99.


The popular graphic novel anthology series returns. Contained within Volume 3 are 23 short stories all written by Marcello Bondi from 17 different artists. From crime stories to westerns to science fiction to tales of the completely unknown Caliber Presents will take you there and hopefully return you safely back. Black and White. DIAMOND # MAY181558 $12.99.


Described as The X-Files meets Mission Impossible, a unique team of operatives, led by the mysterious Edgar Allan Raven, under the auspices of the organization called Raven, Inc., are brought together to investigate any and all cases of paranormal activity. Formed of both skeptics and believers alike, the team is often called in by local or government authorities when cases prove to be too bizarre, too unusual, or just plain unsolvable. Covering the entire spectrum of the unknown, from the supernatural to the dark side of man, Raven, Inc., searches for answers in areas that most people refuse to acknowledge even exists. Volume 3 collects issues #9-12. Written by Gary Reed, Jim Alexander, Martin Conaghan, and illustrated by Christopher Jones, Paul Kowalski, Avido Khahaifa, and Galen Showman. Black and White. DIAMOND # MAY181559 $14.99.


Saint Germaine has seen a lot in his long life but is even he prepared to see the wrath of an avenger unleashed? As the mysterious figure known as Kilroy plunges into the darkness of retribution, Saint Germaine must make a decision that could violate his own principles. Kilroy attempts to understand the evil which he is trying to rid the world of, as he and Germaine travel to an unknown place to see the rise of Joseph Stalin, Shaka-Zulu, and take a glimpse at the predicted third Anti-Christ. But the secret of Kilroy goes much further than that. Collects issues #5-8 plus the story “Ghost Dance.” Written by Gary Reed and illustrated by Vince Locke, Andy Bennett, Larry Shuput. Black and White. DIAMOND # MAY181560 $14.99

Caliber Comics’ April 2018 Releases


Noted historian and artist Wayne Vansant provides art and story for this trilogy of tales of the German Panzer divisions, the Waffen SS, in World War II. In addition to “The Knights of the Skull” and its tale of the young soldiers, “Witches’ Caldron” tells the incredible tale of the German situation at Kursk when attempting to retreat were cut off and surrounded by the Soviet troops. Finally, “Battle Group Peiper” chronicles the events that led to the Malmedy massacre, when American POWs were killed by the German troops. Black and White. DIAMOND  # FEB181314 $12.99.


Prepare for a new hero. A hero that has tasted the stench of evil’s darkness yet has also touched the goodness in men’s hearts. A hero that rewards as well as punishes. A hero that battles street crime as well as that which crosses supernatural dimensions. The hero is Nightlinger and the shadows are his domain. Joining him is his sexy female assistant, Mike, who tries to keep Nightlinger embedded in the realm of humanity. Collects the Nightlinger series plus the short story Nightlinger: Sins of the Werewolf, sketchbook pages, and Steven Philip Jones’ superhero one shot comic Vanguard. Written by Steven P. Jones with art by Christopher Jones, Dan Jurgens, and C. P. Smith. Black and White. DIAMOND  # FEB181315 $12.99.


It started with a single Red Diary. Inside it contained all the secrets the owner had listened to and talked about with her lovers. She wrote down everything. Her lovers were powerful men and when she threatened to go public with it, she died. Murdered? Perhaps. But the diary went missing. The woman was Marilyn Monroe and her lovers included President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy. Her death remains a mystery… as does the contents of the Red Diary. Now a man claims to be the son of Marilyn Monroe. Her father? Perhaps one of the Kennedys, but he doesn’t know which one. But a mob hit-man had stolen the diary. From the assassination of Kennedy and cover up, the deaths of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy to Watergate, our hit-man chronicles all he knows. Written by Gary Reed with art by Christopher Jones, Laurence Campbell, and Larry Shuput. Black and White. DIAMOND  # FEB181316 $16.99.


The human body consists of roughly 60% water. Imagine if you could manipulate that water to shapre and alter the human form. That’s exactly what doctors at the Weirdsdale Spa and Country Club have been doing – at least until something goes horribly wrong. After spending her life savings on the controversial cosmetic surgery Alice Galloway disappears. When her twin sister, Inspector Maria Galloway shows up at the Weirdsdale Spa looking for answers, officials are already in cover up mode. The last thing they need is a rogue cop snooping around. This would not be the first time Maria saved her sister’s life, but would it be the last? Created by the father/son team of Mike and Bob Smeets. Color. DIAMOND # FEB181318 $18.99


A meet up of classic Victorian characters! Sherlock Holmes confronts the split persona of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! Holmes and Watson seek to uncover the terrible secret that is plaguing their good friend, the esteemed Dr. Jekyll. When word gets out that the doctor is allowing the deranged Mr. Hyde free access to his wealth, Holmes realizes that something, no matter how improbable, is wrong. But is the value of a friendship worth more than life itself? Holmes must make that fateful decision. Written by Steven Philip Jones with art by Seppo Makinen. Black and White. DIAMOND # FEB181317 $8.99

Caliber Comics’ Releases in March 2018

Caliber Comics will release five exciting graphic novels in Diamond’s January solicitations for delivery to retailers in March. These books are currently available to order through Diamond Previews.


Noted comic writer and illustrator Don Lomax (Marvel’s The Punisher, Caliber Comic’s Vietnam Journal) has teamed up with Police and Security News magazine to produce a series called “Above and Beyond”, real life depictions of heroic acts by law enforcement professionals. Contained within these pages are just a few stories of these individuals who have demonstrated selfless bravery and heroic action under the most difficult circumstances and gone above and beyond the call of duty. Color. DIAMOND  # JAN181442 $9.99.


October 30th, 2151. Devil’s Night. Traditionally the night before Halloween has long been dedicated to spray paint and fire, to the destruction of property for its own sake. And the impulse behind this frenzied “holiday” is alive and well in the 22nd century. But mischief in the futuristic Age of Nanotechnology is complicated. For young vandals Bardo, Shiyu, and Dwyer, visionary tactics may not be enough for perilous alchemy is required. And unleashing such power will bring enemies and open an abyss that could swallow its makers whole! Written and illustrated by Andy Dudak. Black and White. DIAMOND  # JAN181443 $14.99.


From acclaimed comic writer/artist Wayne Vansant (Caliber Comics’s Days of DarknessDays of WrathKnights of the Skull). An action/adventure tale of the French Legionnaire soldier, Battron, “a man without a country,” who is involved with the liberation of a freebooting French ship, the Martel, from a heavily guarded Vichy French port during World War II. The Allies want the ship destroyed; the Germans have sent serious firepower to save it and keep it afloat. But a critical security leak in British intelligence could jeopardize not only the mission but Battron’s life. Explosive WWII action in the African desert. Black and White. DIAMOND  # JAN181444 $14.99.


The year is 2050. The United States has suffered from extreme polarization. Factions separated by race, politics, religion, and special interests have turned the melting pot into a jigsaw puzzle. The power of the federal government has been cut and now there are 50 different “state” units of power, each pushing their own agenda. The result is an even greater division among the classes. And in this future a wanderer walks the night, possessed by questions, searching for a woman named Opal, who may have answers. Tatters, as he is known, is guided by the suggestions of a ghost named Saltev, whom he must avenge. But, to do so, he must infiltrate a powerful and mysterious organization called Phase Ten. Written by Steven Philip Jones and illustrated by Aldin Baroza. Black and White. DIAMOND # JAN181445 $8.99


The acclaimed comic book war series from Don Lomax, nominated for a Harvey Award, is now presented as a series of graphic novel volume collections. Vietnam Journal is a look at the Vietnam War through the eyes of war journalist Scott Neithammer, a freelance reporter the troops have nicknamed “Journal.” As an embedded reporter, Neithammer has a single minded focus and obsession to report the controversial war from the “grunt’s” point of view and to hell with the consequences. It chronicles the lives and events of soldiers on the front line during the Vietnam War. Collects issues #1-4. Black and White. DIAMOND # JAN181446 $16.99

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Wednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

Each week our contributors are choosing up to five books and why they’re choosing the books. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.


Top Pick: Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #1 (DC Comics/IDW Publishing) – I thoroughly enjoyed the first miniseries featuring these two properties, and while I half expect this to be nothing more than a shameless cash grab I’m oddly excited to see the Dark Knight cross paths with the Turtles again. I would say you don’t see that happen often, but that’s not necessarily the case anymore – and I’m quite happy about that.

Green Arrow #35 (DC Comics) – One of the sleeper hits for me is Green Arrows ongoing series. The art is whimsical and sweepingly beautiful, and the story about one man fighting a giant corporate conspiracy theory is far stronger than it seemed at first. Definitely one to keep on your radar.

Faith’s Winter Wonderland Special #1 (Valiant) – Marguerite Sauvage pulls double duty on this one, and I’m curious as to what she’ll offer – as long as it’s fun (and looks as awesome as she’s proven her self capable of drawing) then I’ll be happy.



Top Pick: Jupiter Jet #1 (Action Lab Entertainment) – The debut issue of this teenaged Robin Hood story with a science fiction twist grabbed my attention immediately. The art, vaguely reminiscent of Squirrel Girl (probably not a mistake), makes early promises of a book with lighthearted romps plastered from cover to cover.

Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica #3 (DC Comics/Archie Comics) –  I am going to be honest–I didn’t know this title was out already. Time to catch up. Girl power is promised in BUNDLES in a book featuring four iconic women from comics, and the mashup of Good vs. Bad (can we definitively call Harley/Ivy evil?) should be a great time.

Jem and the Holograms Dimensions #1 (IDW Publishing) – More girl power. Step one: put a cat on the cover. Step two, promise some light-hearted hijinx featuring girls from both sides of the tracks (I’m sensing a theme this week…). Step three: throw in a good old-fashioned game of Dungeons and Dragons. What could possibly go wrong?

I Hate Fairyland Deluxe HC Vol. 1 (Image Comics) – A 36 year old woman trapped in a 6 year old’s body isn’t even close to the most grotesque thing going on in Skottie Young’s modern masterpiece. Young’s delightfully vulgar sense of humor truly shines in his first Image title. The Deluxe collection promises plenty of extras which will likely ooze with….something nasty.

Archie #26 (Archie Comics) – What can I say, I’ve been a sucker for the redhead and his bumbling misadventures since I was a kid. Old habits, and all that. But the All-new Archie has taken us some places we’ve never been before, and I for one can’t wait to see where we go next.



Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #3 (DC Comics) – Do I really need a reason? It’s like my childhood met my teen hood in a bar and I’m here for it. This might be one of the few times where crossing the streams is a good thing.

Throwaways #10 (Image Comics) – Dean and Abby are still trying to get to the bottom of the conspiracy theory that is their life while dealing with the latest hinderences , like being separated by guards, as the hunt for the truth. The series is hit or miss but, they seem to be getting their bearings so either way this will be interesting.

Hawkeye #13 (Marvel) – Clint and Kate in LA on a case. There will be humor, there will be blood, there will be awesome , in the start of what looks like a killer story arc.



Top Pick: A Small Revolution (Soaring Penguin Press) – A revolution in a small country seen through the yes of an innocent child. If there’s ever been a comic more geared towards me, I don’t know what it is. The concept sounds amazing and I can’t wait to read it.

Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #2 (DC Comics) – The first issue was a perfect balance of action, characterization, and social justice. Hope this issue continues that trend.

Captain America #696 (Marvel) – The first issue was good (not great) but Mark Waid and Chris Samnee seem to be exploring what it means to be Captain America. What they have to say should be interesting and both know the character well, so this should be an interesting read no matter what.

The Consultant #1 (Action Lab: Danger Zone) – When superheroes screw up, this is the guy who cleans up the mess. I’ve read the first issue and while there’s some slight issues with characters standing out in design, the story is fantastic and exactly what I hoped for.

Winter War (Caliber Entertainment) – The story of the 100-day war of Finland versus the Soviet Union at the dawk of World War II. Sounds really interesting.

Caliber Comics’ Releases in February 2018

Caliber Comics has announced the release of four exciting graphic novels in Diamond’s December solicitations for delivery to retailers in February. These books are currently available to order through Diamond Previews.


Before there was King Arthur, Camelot, and the Knights of the Round Table, there was Merlin. In the year 410 AD, a divided and decaying Rome calls back the last of her occupying forces from the island of Britain. With the Roman legions gone, British warlords and foreign invaders alike begin to battle for control of the small isle. In the region known today as Wales, one warlord at last gains enough prominence to take the title “King”. His name is Vortigern. It is the tenth year of his reign, 435 AD, and that is where the story begins. Black and White. DIAMOND  # DEC171340 $16.99.


Based on the cult classic Chillers feature film from Troma Studios that captured the Silver Scroll Award now returns again with all new tales in an original graphic novel! Original writer and director Daniel Boyd is joined by some of the best in horror to present 14 more tales of terror and chills. Evil travels in many forms… even by bus. But this bus, driven by Peterr Jesus, takes its riders on a journey that they may never return from! Black and White. DIAMOND  # DEC171342 $14.99.


Based on the series of novels from Frank L. Baum. Return to and witness the incredible land of OZ after Dorothy and Toto had their famous adventure. But now, the Emerald City is tarnished. The Yellow Brick Road is in ruins. Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion, are missing. OZ is no longer a happy fantasy land of wonderful wizards and innocent singers. It is an OZ where a great evil has darkened the skies and come to despoil the land. And into this world of Winkies, Witches, and Winged Monkeys come a trio of friends from Earth along with their dog Max. The dark plans of the Nome King and the witch Mombie have infested the land and taken over, casting once legendary heroes into the clutches of evil. It is now up to these three earthlings and a ragtag group of OZ Freedom Fighters to once again restore OZ to its rightful and peaceful glory. Black and White. DIAMOND  # DEC171341 $16.99.


Sequel to the Bram Stoker’s horror classic tale Dracula. Count Dracula, king of the vampires, is dead, but he isn’t finished with England. Resurrected, Dracula rises from the grave, and before long a rash of bizarre suicides begins plaguing London. Scotland Yard Detective Champion Harrison suspects these may actually be murders, and noted occult specialist Sir John Chandos and beautiful clairvoyant Dion Fortune offer to assist Harrison’s investigation. The final conflict between the forces of goodness and evil is about to begin, and the fate of England hangs in the balance.  Written by Steven Philip Jones (CALIBER’s H.P. Lovecraft’s Worlds, Sherlock Holmes) and illustrated by John Ross (DC’s Wonder Woman, MARVEL’s Spider-Man). Black and White. DIAMOND # 171339 $14.99

Caliber Comics’ Releases in December 2017

Caliber Comics has announced the release of three exciting graphic novels in Diamond’s October solicitations for delivery to retailers in December. These books are currently available to order through Diamond Previews.


The story of the 100-day war of Finland against the Soviet Union at the dawn of World War II. Sniper Tero Toivanent answers the call from his homeland, Finland, when it’s attacked by the USSR. Soviets anticipated a quick victory against the small Finnish citizen soldiers. However, the Finns use the advantage of winter and their terrain to hold off the Soviets for an amazing four months. Written by Kurt Belcher, illustrated by Kurt Belcher, Stu Berryhill, and Henrick Horvath. Black and White. DIAMOND  # OCT171394 $12.99.


A look at Sherlock Holmes in his retirement years. A reporter is curious about the whisperings at University of a mysterious man rumored to be exploring and examining corpses in the dead of night. If it isn’t related to a crime, what could he possibly be searching for? From award-winning writer Gary Reed (CALIBER’s Deadworld and Renfield) and illustrated by Wayne Reid. Black and White. DIAMOND  # OCT171393 $8.99.


“The Trouble with Trolls.” Four modern day teens are transported to a Middle-Earth-like realm they only thought existed in books and film. It’s Dungeon & Dragons meets Game of Thrones. And what hope do these teens have? How can they survive against wizards, dwarves, dragons, and trolls if they had a hard time making it in high school? Collects The Realm Volume One issues #8-11. Written by Ralph Griffith and Stuart Kerr (CALIBER’s Deadworld, and OZ), and illustrated by Guy Davis (Hellboy, B.P.R.D., Grendel, Aliens). “A great adventure comic…..there’s an audience out there just waiting for a book of this caliber…and you owe it yourself to be a part of that audience.” – Comic Shop News. Black and White. DIAMOND  # OCT171392 $14.99.

Caliber Comics in November 2017


Based on the cult classic Chillers feature film from Troma Studios that captured the Silver Scroll Award, Chiller now returns with eleven all new tales in an original anthology graphic novel! Original creator and director Daniel Boyd is joined by some of the best in horror to present more tales of terror and chills. Evil travels in many forms… even by bus. But this bus, driven by Peterr Jesus, takes its riders on a journey that they may never return from! Black and White. DIAMOND  # SEP171420 $14.99.


Called by the Los Angeles Reader the finest example of graphic story telling they’ve seen. This is the saga of one man thirsting to conquer an empire against a ruler who tried to appease both his subjects and his gods. Cortez’s arrival had been foretold by the superstitious Aztecs, but by the time they had discovered he in fact, was not the true God, it was too late. For Cortez had on his side, the belief in the three things at the time that mattered most in life – the King, God, and Gold. Written by Brent Truax with art by Mitch Waxman, Russell Braun, and Daniel Rivera. Black and White. DIAMOND  # SEP171416 $10.99.


A Gothic tale that takes its title from a peculiar ruin in S. Callisto Square in Rome. Some say it was placed there by the Devil himself, behind the Pope’s palace, to become his throne. During the twelfth century, it was a place of orgies and black masses that inspired prophecies and easy healing. This is the stage where Alberto Militelli conducts his so called esoteric rituals. But he only pretends to be a sorcerer: for he simply has found his way to get rich and affluent. But his rise to the top is quick, as will be his downfall. For his game has bothered his Master and his worst enemy: the Devil himself. Written by Alberto Conte with art by Luca Rossi and Romina Denti. Full Color. DIAMOND  # SEP171417 $9.99.


From Harvey Award nominee writer and artist Don Lomax (MARVEL’s Punisher, CALIBER’S Vietnam Journal). Based on the true story of an American spy in Vietnam as told to Don Lomax by agent Robert Durand who chronicles the tale. Durand was a member of a black-ops team, code-named “Shining Brass.” This graphic novel depicts the horrific atrocities witnessed and performed by the once naive special forces member as he attempts to perform his duties and understand the true meaning behind the madness that was the Vietnam War. Black and White. DIAMOND # SEP171418 $14.99.


At the dawn of the 20th century, Jack London was considered one of the first literary writing pioneers in the growing world of magazine fiction. Writing numerous novels, short stories, poems and essays, he became a well-known celebrity. Presented are five of his stories, adapted with art from award winning comic artists. Written by Ron McCain, Gary Reed, Charles Yates, with art by Ron McCain (DC’s Batman, MARVEL’s Wolverine), Guy Davis (DARK HORSE’s Hellboy and DC’s Swamp Thing), Vince Locke (Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Judge Dredd, CALIBER’s Deadworld), and Charles Yates (High Caliber, Frankenstein), Kyle Huston. Black and White. DIAMOND  # SEP171419 $12.99.

Caliber Comics in October 2017

Caliber Comics will release five exciting graphic novels in Diamond’s August solicitations for delivery to retailers in October. These books are currently available to order through Diamond Previews.

FRANKENSTEIN: Presenting a faithful adaptation of the classic novel from Mary Shelley. Based on the original story itself rather than the various cinematic films, this is a rendition of Frankenstein, the haunting and sophisticated tale that you may not have seen before. Shunned by his creator, the monster is forced to find acceptance in a world that is both confusing and frightening to him. The monster becomes enraged at the treatment that he receives and seeks revenge against mankind which has rejected him merely because he is different. Adapted by Eric Jackson and illustrated by Charles Yates. With cover art by Joshua Werner. Full Color. DIAMOND #AUG171434 $8.99.

BURKE & HARE: Winner of the Scottish Independent Comic Book Award for Best Graphic Novel and Best Writer. In 1828, two Irishmen named William Burke and William Hare murdered 16 people and disposed of the bodies to Dr. Robert Knox at Edinburgh University for dissection, setting in motion a scandal that would rock the world’s medical establishment. Delivered is a ghoulishly true story of medicine, murder and money set at the height of Edinburgh’s enlightenment. Written by Martin Conaghan with art by Will Pickering and cover by Rian Hughes. Black and White. DIAMOND #AUG171433 $14.99.

H.P. LOVECRAFT’s WORLDS – VOLUME TWO: A chilling collection of five Lovecraft tales adapted by award winning comic writer Steven Philip Jones. Lovecraft is considered one of America’s most innovative and popular horror writers. Jones takes the classic tales and while remaining true to the source, brings them into the modern age which can sometimes make the horror even more terrifying. Contained within: Dagon, Arthur Jermyn, Picture in the House, The Statement of Randolph Carter, Music of Erich Zann. Adapted by Steven Philip Jones with art by Sergio Cariello (DC’s Batman, Flash), Aldin Baroza, Rob Davis. Black and White. DIAMOND #AUG171436 $16.99.

HORROR CITY – VOLUME TWO: A team of American and international comic artists has been brought together to create, Horror City, a horror anthology loaded with ten tales of terror, black humor and twisted endings. For those that enjoy Tales of the Crypt, Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, and Tales from the Darkside. Written by Mayen Briem. Black and White. DIAMOND #AUG171435 $12.99.

RAVEN CHRONICLES – VOLUME TWO: FAITH & MACHINES: The X-Files meets Mission Impossible. A unique team of operatives, led by the mysterious Edgar Allan Raven, are brought together to investigate any and all cases of paranormal activity. Formed of both skeptics and believers, the team is called in by local or government authorities when cases prove to be too bizarre, too unusual, or just plain unsolvable. Collects issues #5-8. Written by Gary Reed and illustrated by Seppo Makinen, Ray Snyder (DC’s Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern), Craig Brasfield with cover art by David Boller (MARVEL’s Ghost Rider, Spider-Man). Black and White. DIAMOND #AUG171437 $14.99.

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