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SDCC 2016: IDW To Release Jack Kirby Artist Edition Of Fantastic Four

Comic Book Resources today announce that IDW will be releasing an Artist’s Edition of Jack Kirby’s original pages from Fantastic Four #82-#83 as well as Fantastic Four Annual #6 , and is due to hit shelves in January of 2017.


In an official press release Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing David Gabriel said: “Kirby’s inventive story-telling set the bar that Marvel has honored for decades, we couldn’t be prouder to see this fantastic work made available in this new prestige over-sized format that pays tribute to Jack ‘The King’ Kirby’s exemplary talent and skill.”

“These issues of Fantastic Four represent Jack Kirby operating at the top of his game, which is about as high a compliment as I can pay a comic book,” said noted comics historian and Kirby biographer Mark Evanier. “As a reader, I felt like the fifth member of the Fantastic Four—and that was in the small format with the bad printing. When I get the IDW book, I will probably want to move into it and live there.”

IDW‘s Artist’s Edition line are oversized hardcovers that present original comic book art reproduced in its original size, something the company has been producing for five years now. They have Check out the cover below.


CBR revealed the cover exclusively on 7/22