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Review: Ninjak #17

NINJAK_017_COVER-A_LAROSARoku has completed her mission. She has destroyed, discredited, and defeated the MI-6 operative known as Ninjak. But she didn’t account for one crucial component… the man behind the mask and gadgets, Colin King! With everything on the line, and nothing left to lose, Valiant’s death-defying super-spy strikes back at his sworn enemy to take back the life he once knew! But even if his body can survives the suicidal confrontation, can his mind withstand the untold torment Roku has prepared?

I’ve found that the last couple of story arcs in Ninjak have started out strongly before ending with a little bit of a whimper. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy those arcs, it’s just that the final chapter wasn’t as good as the issues leading up to it.

Thankfully, the same isn’t the case here, but that’s only because the last issue wasn’t as great either.

The Siege Of Kings Castle has followed the age-old story of breaking the hero down to nothing and then seeing how said hero reacts. It’s a story told ad-nauseam across multiple different types of various media, and I was looking forward to Matt Kindt‘s take on the story using the Ninjak.

Now that The Siege Of Kings Castle is all over, how did it hold up? Well, maybe because the last issue didn’t really resonate with me as much as the previous two in The Siege Of King’s Castle have done, but I felt I was playing catch up for most of this issue. I’m not saying that Ninjak #17 is a bad comic, far from it,  but this issue felt like it could have benefited from a few extra pages as both the main story and the backup strip felt a little compressed.

But when my main complaint with the issue is that it’s not long enough, I’d say the arc has ended on a high note, wouldn’t you?

The Seige Of King’s Castle
Story: Matt Kindt Penciler: Diego Bernard
Inker: Alisson Rodrigues Colourist: Ulysses Arreola Letterer: Dave Sharpe
The Lost Files
Story: Matt Kindt Art: Arendes Guinaldo
Inker: Brian Level Colourist:  Chris Sotomayor Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Story: 7.75 Art: 9 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review.

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