Justin Trudeau, the Latest Comic Political Celebrity

chapterhouse comics summer specialLast week, Chaptherhouse Comics announced that Prime-Minister Justin Trudeau would be appearing on the cover of Chapterhouse Comics Summer Special for Canada Day. Prime-Minister Trudeau has also written a letter on “behalf of the good Captain [Canuck] that will be featured” in the comic.

Trudeau is also featured on the comic in a portrait style drawing by Captain Canuck creator Richard Comely.

To celebrate the occasion, Captain Canuck will appear live at ‘Canada Day 2016at  Queen’s Park’ at 10am, 111 Wellesley Street West in Toronto (south side of Queen’s Park Circle) with bundles of the Summer Special in tow.

The 64-page Chapterhouse Comics Summer Special will be available at comic book stores nation-wide on Canada Day or on their website.

Not afraid to see a good idea and do their own version (and get the credit), Marvel has announced today that Trudeau will grace the cover of Civil War II: Choosing Sides which will be on shelves August 31.

Civil War II Choosing Sides #5That cover is done by Ramon Perez and features the Prime-Minister in the boxing ring surrounded by members of Canada’s superhero team Alpha Flight. Ironically, in the current Marvel continuity, Alpha Flight’s name (and its members) has been co-opted to be a line of defense from galactic threats.

Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau was featured in comics himself, such as Uncanny X-Men in 1979.

The idea to use Justin came from Edmonton-born artist Chip Zdarsky who is writing an Alpha Flight story in the comic. In it, the members of Alpha Flight debate about the use of an Inhuman named Ulysses who can see the future with a high degree of accuracy and can help prevent crime/attacks (a take on Philip K. Dick’s Minority Report). The group sees some ethical issues and seek out Trudeau for advice.

The Marvel cover features the Prime-Minister in a boxing ring which plays off his infamous charity match in which he fought Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau in 2012.

Justin Trudeau is an admitted geek and been spotted at comic conventions.