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Preview: 4001 A.D. #2 – The Summer’s Biggest Comics Event Rockets Onward in June!

On June 1st, the most ambitious comics event of 2016 brings war to the 41st century – with Rai leading the charge!

Valiant has released an advance preview of 4001 A.D. #2 (of 4) – the next continent-shaking chapter of Valiant’s blockbuster summer event from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt, and blockbuster artist Clayton Crain! On June 1st, Rai and his new band of allies push their insurrection against Father — the despotic A.I. that governs New Japan — to its punishing next level level with a full-frontal assault on the nation he once swore to protect!

Rai is smashing headfirst into New Japan with his team of hardened rebels including the Eternal Warrior and a giant X-O Manowar mech-armor that’s been dormant for centuries! But when Father transforms New Japan into an impenetrable space dragon as a defense of last resort, what hopes will the united heroes of 4001 A.D. have of freeing the citizens of New Japan from Father’s brutal reign? Will Rai have to destroy New Japan…to save it?

4001 A.D. #2 (of 4)
Written by MATT KINDT
Cover A by CLAYTON CRAIN (APR162044)
Cover B by TULA LOTAY (APR162045)
Cover C by RYAN BODENHEIM (APR162046)
Cover D by PHILIP TAN (APR162047)
Character Design Variant by CLAYTON CRAIN (APR162048)
Interlocking Mega-Cover Variant by RYAN LEE (APR162049)
Interlocking Artist Variant by RYAN SOOK (APR162050)
B&W Interlocking Artist Variant by RYAN SOOK (APR162051)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale JUNE 1st (FOC–5/9/16)