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TV Review: Lucifer S1E13 Take Me Back to Hell

Lucifer TVWhen Lucifer is framed for murder, he and Chloe must work together to clear his name and prove the identity of the true killer..

Lucifer wraps up its first season with the title character going after the man who framed him for murder. To achieve that Lucifer has to team up with Amenadiel and Chloe.

Through the bit of seriousness there’s lots of comedy with Lucifer and Amenadiel, showing off the acting chops in many ways for both.

The episode has me itching for a “buddy cop” series featuring Lucifer and Amenadiel together dealing with whatever issues that come up.

What really impresses me is the series brings together so many plotlines and small items here and there in a very fulfilling episode. It wraps up so much and at the same time opens up so much for the second season.

The episode shows off the strengths of the series, the acting, the witty writing, the dark humor, and the fact it has moved beyond the dead body mystery of the week. The series started off sort of formulaic, but by showing off its charm and focusing on that first, it was able to build itself out for the long story and it delivered in the end.

Lucifer pulled off a lot of what Constantine failed to do.

A fantastic finale to the first season. I can’t wait for the second… especially after we find out who Lucifer has to go after next.

Overall Rating: 8.35