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TV Review: Lucifer S1E9 A Priest Walks Into a Bar

Lucifer TVA priest seeks out Lucifer’s help when he suspects an underground drug operation has set up shop at a neighborhood youth center.

Lucifer does an interesting mix of things here where it does the dual episode where most of it is focused on one plot line, and then parts of it build into the bigger story. It’s done this a lot of the season with only a few episodes deviating, but here it works quite well between the two.

The long plot involves the returned Malcolm who has cut a deal with Amenadiel and has a mission to complete, for which he’s blackmailing Dan who is the person who shot him. By the end of the episode it’s quite clear what’s going on, and what works is the simplicity of the plot building off of something we, and Amenadiel, learned earlier in the season. It’s a prime example of keep it simple stupid working very well.

The main focus of the episode is a Priest who is battling drug dealers and approaches Lucifer and Chloe for help. The episode does an excellent job of using that set up to debate God’s plan and will, and allow Lucifer to wax philosophical about it all. Watching the two debate about spiritual philosophy is actually very entertaining, mostly due to actor Tom Ellis who does as more with his facial and body language as he does with the script he’s given (though the script is entertaining by itself). Ellis has a great ability of allowing you to know what his character is thinking just by a movement and here he shows the struggle he has with his opinion of the almighty in every season it’s brought up. And, it shows how vital Ellis is to the show.

While the plot line of a drug dealer is rather boring, Lucifer and the Priest’s scenes are entertaining and well worth the viewing. The show continues to surprise not just in its quality, but also what topics it’s willing to take on, no matter how blasphemous.

Overall Rating: 8.05