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TV Review: Lucifer S1E7 Wingman

Lucifer TVAn unlikely ally helps Lucifer find the contents of his stolen container and Chloe unearths a lead in the Palmetto case that could expose the truth.

Lucifer is on his mission to find his wings while the episode also adds some depth to Chloe’s character as well.

This episode continues the better direction for the series as it moves away from the whodunit police procedural of the first few episodes in to more of a long plot.

There’s the issue of Lucifer and his wings, but also we learn why Chloe isn’t well liked by her fellow police officers. So, we have two plots going on that should play out nicely and add some variety for the series.

It’s interesting to see where things play out and where the series will go, but it’s on a roll and one that’s very entertaining. Watching the series, with Lucifer‘s smoking and the sex, one wonders why we didn’t see this for Constantine. In fact, Lucifer feels like it has a lot of what Constantine was missing.

The series isn’t perfect, but it’s very entertaining with Tom Ellis in the lead it shines in many ways. Lucifer might be the devil, but he’s devilishly good.

Overall Rating: 8.15


  • I think it was probably one of the best episodes so far – I do really struggle with Chloe though.

    And yeah Constantine was a bit of a missfire, too series B for its own good I reckon

    • Yup, I think it’s a series that’s been improving with each episode.

      • ! We agree with this one then :)
        As an adaptation, it could have gone either way, but yeah I’m pleased.
        I ranted about this for a lil while in our blog ManaBurnt. Personally finding it much better than Legends of Tomorrow…

        • Don’t even start me on Legends. It’s falling into the guest character of the week, which is what it shouldn’t be doing.

          • Yeah! It came out in the UK just like last week. I decided to try watch it on TV to kinda create the habit and give it a chance if you follow me? Then a bunch of people in a forum I’m in told me that it gets better and better, with Art being the real deal. So yesterday I decided to binge watch and see for my self…And although I think I’ll make it to the end just for the sake of it, it’s really a pass time more than anything.
            While Lucifer I do follow and truly enjoy. Shame really