TV Review: Lucifer S1E6 Favorite Son

Lucifer TV

Lucifer bails on Chloe when he becomes bored with her investigation into a ruthless biker gang murder. However, when he discovers something was stolen during the crime that was very personal to him, he demands that Chloe let him rejoin the case.

Lucifer is clearly focusing in on the long run plot and that really begins with this episode which has Lucifer getting very involved in a case when it turns out it’s his goods that have been stolen. But what’s inside? We don’t find that out until the end, but it’s pretty easy to guess.

This episode is a big shift in the series which pivots from a focus on the murder of the week to a longer form story that directly has to do with Lucifer. It’s interesting to see it shift, and the show should transition pretty easily.

That transition should be easy due to the talent of Tom Ellis whose Lucifer is devilishly fun. With the change though, it’s also forcing the actor to go past his usually delivery and we see some of that here. And he’s solid.

A better direction, some expanded acting, Lucifer looks to be stretching its wings and growing up a bit and looking to be like it’s going to be a lot of fun. The show was a slow start, but this is the episode where it’s really getting going.

Overall Rating: 8.15

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