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Review: The Troop #3

THE TROOP #3 COVER A by Josh CassaraThe ranks of the Troop continue to swell… teenager torch, Hotshot, and Virus, a little bundle of virulence, have been joined by Torrent, a young girl who gives a whole new meaning to ‘stream’ of consciousness. Now they begin to dig like fingernails in a scab to uncover the secrets of their origins…

In most comics there is an origin story of sort of how, and why the character(s) came to be. While that is common to happen in the first issue, this one takes place in the third issue of The Troop. At least some of it does, anyway, as the main characters learn “how,” and to a limited extent the “why,” they existent. Honestly, the series so far has been a a violent, super-powered thrill ride so far, and I doubt it will end soon.

While the past issues have been been violent, this issue kicks thing up a few notches in both story and art. The art by J. Cassara manages to capture the story’s action packed, conspiracy as Illusion hunts down more of the powered beings. Of course like previous issues, this issue manages to introduce a few more characters. Including a “dead,” boy and an odd Brazilian family.  Both of which have intriguing, and odd styles of being drawn, along with a back story.

Story: Noel Clarke Art: J. Cassara
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Titan Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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