Early Review: Lone Wolf 2100 #1

28537The last real man on Earth may be an android!

AD 2100: A devastating man made plague is turning the human race into cannibalistic monsters known as the Thrall. But there is hope: young Daisy Ogami’s blood holds the secret to a cure—if Itto, her android protector, can get her to a place where it can be extracted!

While Lone Wolf 2100 #1 is a rebooted concept, there is are some noticeable influences that can be seen in the story. One of the slightly more obvious ones is I am Legend by Richard Matheson. Outside of that the story, written by Eric Heisserer, has a relatively quick pace. And that quick pace is peppered with occasional hints/flashbacks as to what caused the “thrall,” to appear. There is obviously more to reveal in upcoming issues in terms of both present and past.

Miguel Speulveda‘s art has a clear manga influence in the art style, paying homage to the previous volume’s history. However there is also a note of a the manga being infused with a traditional comic book style as well. The odd fusion of art styles is a nice touch.

I will admit there is something about the appearance of the thrall, that reminds of goblins and orcs, for some reason. Yet I imagine I’m not the only who will notice that as it read.

Story: Eric Heisserer Art: Miguel Sepulveda
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy (once a few issues are out)

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review