Review: Extraordinary X-Men #1

Extraordinary_X-Men_1_CoverThe fate of mutantkind is decided here! Staring down the threat of extinction once more, veteran X-Man Storm pulls together the team she’ll need to ensure her race’s survival. Together, these Extraordinary X-Men will struggle with the familiar burden of being hated and feared, while facing threats the likes of which they’ve never seen. Here’s hoping they survive the experience!

The new mutant status was announced months ago, and this first “X” series sets the stage. Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Humberto Ramos are on duty with Extraordinary X-Men #1 which sets us on a post Secret Wars path.

The Terrigen Mist that has enveloped the year has also had a negative affect on mutants infecting them with a disease called M-Pox, and also sterilizing them. It’s stated no more mutants will be born (though it doesn’t explain why two humans can’t still have a mutant child).

If this sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve seen this before. “No More Mutants,” “The Legacy Virus,” those are just two storylines that involve no new mutants, and a disease threatening to wipe mutants out. We’ve been there, and this first issue doesn’t provide me anything new and interesting, yet. The dialogue is decent and Lemire’s pacing is fine, but there is a lack of excitement that really has me being ho-hum about it all.

Ramos’ art is as expected, great to look at. I love his style, and have since he burst on the comic scene so long ago. There’s some new takes on characters I really dig, especially Colossus who really feels like a hulking being, and I dig the facial hair. The art kept me more interested than the story.

While new readers might find this interesting, All-New, and All-Different, may feel like a repeat and been there, done that, to long time “X” fans. The writing is good, the art is solid as expected. The first issue just feels like something I’ve seen before, and there’s nothing new to get me excited to see what comes next.

Story: Jeff Lemire Art: Humberto Ramos
Story: 6.75 Art: 8 Overall: 7 Recommendation: Read