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Review: Grayson #11


“The me you think you know”

This month we open right up with action, action, action! Agent 1 is down from his heinous attack by the Agent Killer (that’s my name for this character) Agent 1 looks up just in time to see his assassin and it appears to be… Dick Grayson?? Wait no, AK just got attacked by Dick Grayson! (So.. will the Real Dick Grayson please stand up?)

Just then Agent 37 (our Dick) says what most of the readers must have been thinking. He asks if the killer is really Clayface (from his old cape and cowl Gotham days), and tells him it’s been boring and done so many times before. (Hush, the new 52, etc.) He banters on with his doppelganger and begins to slowly realize this can’t be Clayface, and he’s intrigued. His curiosity starts to turn to worry though when the villain starts talking more. Little by little divulging things only a member of the Bat Family or someone close to them would know, which is bad news. Agent 37 is becoming more unnerved by the moment and wants to shut it down, but now he is on the end of someone maliciously taunting him. The mystery foe gets deep in his head with all the mentions of Dick’s past tragedies and failures. The verbal onslaught makes Grayson sloppy and he starts to fade quick. It’s then apparent that Dick is no match at this moment and falls to his deadly foe.

4759300-4-gray_11_4-5It is here that the writer reveals to the readers who was masquerading as Dick Grayson, and I must say I am glad they didn’t go the old tired route of Clayface or one of the other Bat Villains. Instead they gave Dick and all of SPYRAL a new antagonist to work with. Which is just fine with me. Having not been too familiar with this character as others, I’m not sure it packed the emotional gut punch it was supposed to for me, but it still worked well.

Overall: I’ve said it before, this title presents Dick Grayson at his very best. The spy shtick suits him nicely and his humor is a breath of fresh air. The mystery keeps compounding which I am enjoying and can’t wait until Dick finally gets the chance to reunite with some more familiar characters very soon. I in no way want this title to come to an end and just force Dick back to his Nightwing role. This is like a hit tv show that just keeps getting better and is about to hit it’s stride. So please tuck the capes in the suitcase for a little while longer please DC Comics and throw him in an Astin Martin and have him cruising the mountainside and crank it full throttle! (After all James Bond should not have to sully himself leaping across rooftops at night) One thing this issue taught me is Dick, like the folly of most great dashing spies needs to keep it in his pants more. After all, Hell hath no fury like a… whoops, may have said too much. I’m stowing all communicators and SPYRAL IDs until next month. See you then. Agent H out…

Story: Tom King and Tim Seeley Art: Mikel Janin
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Definite Buy

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