Preview: Zombie Tramp #14


Writer(s): Jason Martin, Dan Mendoza 
Artist Name(s): Xenia Xiu 
Cover Artist(s): TMChu (regular, risqué variant), Dan Mendoza (limited variant), Apterus (artist variant) 
Risque variant cover (limited to 2500): TMChu 
Mendoza variant cover (limited to 2000): Dan Mendoza 
Artist cover (limited to 1500): Apterus 
32 pgs./ Mature Readers/ FC
$3.99 (reg.)/$4.99 (var.)

Zombie Tramp’s made her way to the deep south, but her recent encounter with people from her past life leave her ready for some R&R. Maybe the Rolling Hills Country Club will be just what she needs to relax and clear her head. They offer pools, spas, and… satanic sex cult members?!?

Features a variant cover by series creator Dan Mendoza (limited to 2000 copies) a risqué variant cover (limited to 2500 copies), and a painted artist showcase variant by Apterus Graphics (limited to 1500 copies).

ZombieTramp_14_cover_art copy